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Van Scoy Diamonds: Twitter Glee from Greensboro

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Van Scoy Diamonds, the Premier Diamond Jeweler of Greensboro, can now be found in several different cars riding along the social media railway. The crew here is growing more fond of it with each and every passing day.
It was an unexpected, and now celebrated gift to have happened upon such an incredible (and growing!) group of friends, diamond and bridal jewelry online resources that will be of such great value to us in the future.
As Van Scoy Diamonds discovers the Twitter – verse, (an intimidating place for me in the past, as a matter of fact), we’ve found incredibly valuable connections in Greensboro, and all over the Country!


Van Scoy Diamonds: Totally Tubular Tassel Jewelry

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Van Scoy Diamonds Blogging Production, with featured favorites in jewelry trends and and diamond designs. Tassel Jewelry. Tassel earrings. Lucite Jewelry making a comeback, Cameo jewelry still holding strong. As the competing jewelry trends arrive, who trumps who in gemstone jewelry, statement piece and jewelry design? -Alexandra via Van Scoy Diamonds Blog!