Protect Your Investment With Diamond Appraisal Services

When a person makes a major new purchase for their home, one of the first things they do – if they remember – is to call their insurance agent and add the purchase to the list of items covered by their homeowner’s insurance. This protects them if there is a theft, fire or other disaster…

Van Scoy Diamonds: Garnet Gemstone Spotlight

Garnet Pendant, Gemstone Jewelry Van Scoy Diamonds

The Greek Garnet
A Van Scoy Diamonds Tubular Tuesday in Greek Mythology
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Garnet Jewelry
Greensboro, NC Jewelry – The January Birthstone of Garnet

Greensboro Greats: Gardens at Gray Gables and a Club Tacori ‘RoyalT’ Teaser

Greensboro Greats: Wedding Venues
The Gardens at Gray Gables
The Totally Tubular Tacori Topic !
Van Scoy Diamonds will be delivering ‘RoyalT’ party scoop by ‘Club Tacori’
North Carolina wedding vendors in the prize-deserving Bridal Tweet bride-to-be and vendor community!
Van Socy Diamonds, Greensboro, NC.

A. Jaffe Bridal Jewelry Spotlight

A leader in luxury bridal jewelry, A. Jaffe launched a 2010 campaign paying some serious homage to their New York roots. This A. Jaffe video is part of the 2010 New York campaign, celebrating the A. Jaffe heritage, and cementing their eternally classic style with transcendent black and white imagery and soothing old-fashioned music playing perfectly in the background.

Totally Tubular Tuesday: Tacori Jewelry Spotlight from the Triad

Greensboro Premier Diamonds Jeweler. Van Scoy Diamonds. From engagement rings, to wedding bands, to (my favorite!) ‘just because’ jewelry, the exquisite creations hand-made by Tacori Designs offer a rare phenomenon when choosing an engagement ring. Perfecting their enigmatic presence for over four decades, Tacori is continuously succeeding in the unique merging of unique antique engagement ring embellishment and modern stylish statement with every piece of their bridal jewelry.

Man Blog Monday: The Making of an NHL Championship Ring

majority owner and chairman of the board of the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, Rocky Wirtz had a strong panel committee dedicate themselves to the designing and manufacturing, in absolute precision, the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship Rings for the The Chicago Blackhawks in Chicago, Illinois. 404 Diamonds.