Having Designs On Your Engagement Ring

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It’s no secret to say that many women – and not just a few men – have pretty specific ideas about what they imagine their wedding will be like. Most of those ideas can be made a reality, depending on how far a person is willing to go and how deep their pockets are, but […]


Finding The Right Diamond Earrings

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My wife is a pretty practical woman, and one of her rules of practicality concerns gift giving. She thinks it’s silly to go crazy buying gifts for each other when the money is all coming from the same account. I told her as crazy as it was, there was still no way I wasn’t going […]

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Share Your Faith With Religious Jewelry

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My mom was never one to wear a lot of jewelry. She always made sure that what she had looked great (well, mostly. I grew up in the 70’s, so she did have a couple of period pieces that would have been best left at home) but also simple and understated. In fact a perfect […]


Watch the 2012 Valentine’s Day Webcast from Times Square with Van Scoy Diamonds!

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February sets off to a steamy collection of bridal offers and romantic deals in Times Square, designed to keep your love hot through the cold winter months. NY attractions including Broadway, hotels, businesses and restaurants have grown accustomed to offering visitors some incredible savings in celebration of the most romantic day of the year. Weddings are no exception!