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Man Blog Monday: The Lost Wedding Rings of Andy Roddick


Van Scoy Diamonds: Man Blog Monday

The Many Wedding Rings of Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker

The Man-friendly Van Scoy Diamonds Blog first mentioned Andy Roddick, the celebrity tennis star from Omaha, a few weeks back during the Winston Salem Open. Roddick was showing his rejuvenated tennis talents to the local community while Brooklyn Decker, the breath-taking beauty and wife of the tennis star was receiving equal public admiration.

I won’t give all the credit to Roddick’s recently rejuvinated performance to my blog cheering during the quarter finals, but the #15 in world ranking tennis player did succeed in the Winston-Salem semi-finals and moved on to the US Open quarterfinals. Just Saying… I’d like to believe that the Van Scoy Diamonds Blog played a small role in Andy Roddick’s success and motivation. 🙂

With ATP rankings having fallen in previous years, Andy Roddick reminded and impressed fans and spectators, moving on to compete in the US Open quarterfinals.  He did lose the match to Rafael Nadal, but one this is certain… Roddick definitely got THE GIRL.

It was then that our innocent celebrity jewelry crush on Brooklyn Decker began.  She watches intently as he plays, ever so effortlessly flashing her gorgeous diamond engagement ring with a charming and optimistic charisma. Captured on film, the beautiful Brooklyn Decker shows her support, in addition to showcasing her incredible engagement ring at the Brisbane 2011

Let’s face it. Not too many women would be laughing at their Husband losing his wedding ring, not to mention a repeat offender in wedding band misplacement! Yet, the sweet Brooklyn Decker is convincingly jovial and light-hearted when she speaks on the matter of Andy Roddick, and his multiple replacement wedding rings.

“He’s on his third wedding ring… by the way.” – Brooklyn Decker on Husband, Andy Roddick

Brooklyn Decker

Today, press release from Beijing report that Andy Roddick has been defeated in the first round of the China Open by fellow South African Native, Kevin Anderson. You can’t win them all, as they say.

A stellar performance of Roddick’s tennis talents were enjoyed by many locals in our community, while near Greensboro in August at the Winston-Salem Open, and the Van Scoy Diamonds Blog will continue to ‘Blog Cheer’ for the beautiful Brooklyn Decker and skilled hubby, Andy Roddick.

Andy Roddick


Have Yourself a Happy Man Blog Monday!

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