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Man Blog Monday: Men’s Jewelry Trends Spring Forward with Sophistication

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Van Scoy Diamonds: ‘Man Blog Monday’ Forecasting

Spring 2012 Jewelry Trends for Men

Refined Wrist Wear and Masculine Cornerstones of Classic Sophistication

Men’s Jewelry Trends are Springing back (with undeniable classic Americana swagger) to darker hues of conservative color, Black Metal Bracelets and refined variations of the Classic Men’s Watch!

As the winter chills give way to sweet rays of sunshine and the saving of daylight, men’s jewelry trends appear to be moving in accordance for the Spring 2012 season.

A stellar quote to convey the comprehensive shift back to old-fashioned, classic style of men’s fashion trends expected to lead the pack for Spring 2012 style.

“?Things got a lot more masculine for this season.”

~ Fashion Public Relations: Luxury Lifestyle Blog

I must admit, these words are sweet music to my ears. There is something undeniably  fool-proof about a man who has classic accents to his appearance that are absent of bright neon or bold hues.

When a man is appropriately dressed, whether casual or business in attire, the presence of a fitting classic men’s watch on his wrist perfects most any ensemble.

The Classic Men’s Watch is the cornerstone to Spring Fashion in Men’s jewelry trends in 2012, and should be made one year-round, in my very humble opinion.

A simple, classic men’s wrist watch is an understated accessory and fashion necessity for the reliable, refined man. In men’s fashion that is worthy of celebration, you cannot go wrong with reliable and refined.

They may shine away from the men’s fashion spotlight, but the commanding presence of a classic men’s watch is the most brilliant beguile of men’s fashion history.

Handsome in design and definition, an old-fashioned classic watch is the cornerstone for superlativesuccesses of timeless men’s fashion and refined style.

The secret power of classic, understated men’s jewelry is too often overlooked by the men they would look most magnificent on. A strong suggestion… Find yourself a great deal on a classic men’s watch for Spring!

Men’s Watches at Van Scoy Diamonds




Visit the Men’s Jewelry and Our Designers pages on to browse more options in Men’s Watches from Van Scoy Diamonds!

Old-fashioned Men’s Jewelry suggestions for a stylish Spring 2012 Season!

  • Cuff Link 18K Yellow Gold And Platinum
  • Sock number: 50014636
  • Cuff Link 18Ky/Plat


The ‘It’ Color for Spring 2012

A deep, charcoal ‘near-black’ is taking over as the leading color of the Season. However unfitting the contrast to bright, sunny skies may be, an almost black can be matched with.. well, almost anything.


Channel old-Hollywood Icons with the masculine fashion of Marlon Brando with a, or matte finished arm accessory!


Black Ion Stainless Steel Bracelet

Polished Black Ion Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet with Black Ion Plated Cable Bracelet

Van Scoy Diamonds Price: $145.00

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  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Days Return Policy

The ‘It’ Fabric for Spring 2012


With futuristic, almost Matrix-like looks becoming prominent in the dark runways of Europe, it’s no surprise that leather — mostly in inky shades of black — was a go-to textile for outerwear…”

More on –  Men’s Fashion Trends


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Thanks for Tuning In for another ‘Man Blog Monday’ with Van Scoy Diamonds!

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