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Gorgeous Garnets

Happy New Year! How many people do you know that are new years’ babies? Are they successful? Research shows that babies born in the first quarter of the year are more successful at school which carries over into other aspects of their life as they grow older. This month we’ll be celebrating the January baby and their birthstone, the garnet.

Garnets can be found from Alaska to Arizona and across to New York within the United State’s mining operations. Junior level geologists and gemologists enjoy the naturally occurring garnets that can be found close to the surface with little to no picking.

There are six common garnet species:

  1. Uvarovite: typically a bright green
  2. Pyrope: purplish-red when cross-bred with Almandite.
  3. Grossularite: pink, orange – cinnamon brown is called hessonite. The Tsavorite variation refers to the dark green color.
  4. Almandite: variations of this type of garnet are best used as an abrasive, such as in sandpaper.
  5. Andradite: carries titanium and is black, damantoid is a rich green variety.
  6. Spessarite: red through shades of orange when cross-bred with Pyrope.

While there are many garnet mines across the United States the largest gem-quality mines are located throughout Africa and Sri Lanka.

Some alternative healing methodologies believe that garnets can aid in remember dreams, going backwards in time to enhance dormant memories, aids in persistence and can help with depression.

Historically references to the garnet date back to 3100 B.C., when Egyptians used garnets as inlays. The name ‘garnet’ is derived from the word ‘granatum’ based on the garnet’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed by the ancient people who first mined the gem. Other significant historical references of the garnet include the use of the gem with Roman aristocracy and the elite Roman Centurions.

Contemporary designs love to feature the garnet, and the rich color can be found on celebrities at red carpet events. Back in 2008 Mariska Hargitay, a January-born celebrity, donned some beautiful, gold chandelier garnet earrings. Also, more recently, Kate Beckinsale wore a pair of equally flashy chandelier garnet earrings.

There has been a revitalization in the fashion industry celebrating the rich jewel tones found in nature. The dominate color, as we’ve mentioned, this past fall was the enchanting emerald, but all jewel-tone colors from garnet reds, precious plumb amethyst, to deep blue sapphire were a hit.

You can feel confidant that the special January birthday person in your life will really appreciate receiving some garnet jewelry, not just because it’s their birthstone, but it will be fashionably current as well.

Here is a 14K yellow-gold men’s cabochon genuine garnet ring with Van Scoy Diamonds. This ring probably looked very similar to that which was worn by the Roman Centurions. Their garnets though were not as safely attached to their rings, and recent excavations in Britain baths found where their gems had come loose from their settings in the mineral water. Cabochon just means that the stone was polished as opposed to cut with facets to catch the light; this gent’s ring is stunning and would make an excellent gift.

If you like the look of the faceted gem better, Van Scoy Diamonds has another men’s 14k yellow-gold, Mozambique genuine garnet ring with heavy polished shank and simple four prong setting.

There are no shortages of beautiful gemstone jewelry for ladies, a very popular piece is this white-gold, Brazilian garnet and diamond pendant.

Thank you for choosing Van Scoy Diamonds and check out our special sale going on right now, all items under $300 to help you find that ‘just right’ piece for someone special in your life.

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