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Get Help with Fall’s Fashion Trends

The New York Fashion Week was September 5-12th this year and some great looks were seen that can be incorporated into a more civilian wardrobe and budget that most of us can manage. Too often woman’s outfits highlighted on TV or the runway simply are not business appropriate, but with this list and set of advice accumulated from professionals you won’t go wrong.


This pattern is basically color neutral and a classic that always looks professional when worn in a jacket, skirt, slacks or suit combo. Menswear fabrics can lend a chic and professional touch to your outfits.

Accessory Recommendation:

Dainty drop earrings or hoops, chain-collared necklace that rides high on your collar bone.

How Van Scoy Can Help:

These 14K yellow gold hoop earrings will lend a bold and chunky look to your wardrobe.

Leopard Print:

Experiment with different colors of leopard this season from pink to red, but don’t overdo it, a little leopard can go a long way and remember that brown and black colors will always be a fashion standard.

Accessory Recommendations:

Pair some pearls with your look, and not just white, also layered bracelets will look great too.

How Van Scoy Can Help:

This Honora bracelet has beautiful cultured pearls in neutral tones with diamond accents.

Emerald Green:

Pantone has set Emerald Green as the fall color for 2013. That means you can find some skirts, slacks, or jackets that are your style in this jeweled color.

Accessory Recommendation:

If you don’t think emerald green is a good hue for you as part of a large wardrobe clothing piece try to incorporate the shade into your look with a structured bag or high heels or a chunky jewelry piece. Pair with precious and semi-precious gemstone colors to look great, such as garnet, amethyst and sapphire.

How Van Scoy Can Help:

Here are just three examples from Van Scoy. A bronze and amber colored citrine pendant, a checkered-cut, Brazilian garnet with diamond accent; hung on a chain, would pair nicely against an emerald green blouse. Or, add your emerald green accent with the sterling silver, toggle clasp bracelet with green amethyst stones.


Peplum is sticking around– that is the term when you have a fitted waist with a bit of flair or ruffle; whether part of the design of the outfit or achieved manually by tying a scarf or belt around a looser fitting garment. The appearance is flattering by defining your waist or adds curves to those who are less voluptuous.

Likewise, the Peplum can be combined with the next entry in terms of accessories.


A turtleneck sweater is perfect for layering which is a great way to modernize the look.  Tuck in the shirt – if you have a short waist, opt for a pair of dress pants in a similar color to the top. If your office’s dress code is a bit on the casual side, try it with denim trousers in dark blue wash. Or layer it with a V-neck poncho or tunic belted at the waist as shown above.

Accessory Recommendations:

Choose from a long pendant necklace or colorful beaded necklace, pearl necklace or layered necklaces.

How Van Scoy Can Help:

Here’s just one example, this eclectic double layered freshwater pearls in beautiful jewel colors by Honora, the epitome of the statement necklace.

Dress Shirts:

Find a dress blouse that is fitted, but not tight (can you move your arms without straining the buttons?), in white and leave the first two buttons undone. Or, look for some colors or patterns as we’ve mentioned above, maybe something that has a bit of ruffle if you’re comfortable with the added ‘flare.’

Accessory Recommendations:

For sophisticated- pearls. For hip and trendy- layered necklaces, beaded or chained. Don’t forget a cocktail ring or bold colored necklace in two-toned metals.

How Van Scoy Can Help:

The Metal Marketplace with Greg Anthony designs will give your outfit that fashion statement you need while maintaining a great professional look that speaks to your sophistication.

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