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Trends in Jewelry 2012: Triton, Textures and Verragio Mens Colletion

Van Scoy Diamonds Presents:

Wedding Band Trends

Textured Metal, Triton and Verragio (Mens Collection!)

This video was filmed during the JCK Event in Las Vegas 2011, featuring the charismatic and charming reporting of Julie Mac of JCK, with a sweetly captivating exchange with David Lamb, World Gold Council Managing Director.

The JCK video coverage continues to delve into the professional insights of jewelery design professionals at the 2011 JCK Las Vegas Show.  The footage captures several premier jewelers offering exciting insights, design methods and manufacturing techniques expected to be seen among wedding bands in 2012 trends in jewelry.

This shared interview with JCK reveals top trends in jewelry 2012 with the inside scoop on emerging jewelry design in regard to wedding bands. It is a fantasy jewelry trend forecast, of sorts, with the inside scoop on 2012 trends in jewelry straight from the Jewelers Source!

By the way, men, the main contenders in mens wedding band trends 2012 completely convey in perfect execution a certain strong, boldly classic statement that many of you will appreciate.  Returned is a superior artisan devotion that is rarely so exquisitely seen in wedding ring design execution.

The Verragio Men’s Collection, for example, so seemlessly exudes superior quality and an heirloom-like integrity that you’ll soon be filled with excitement for your choice of wedding band. The Verragio Mens Collection of wedding bands exemplifies the creative use of metal texturing and architectural aesthetics.

The always impressive Verragio outshines themselves once again with the incredible new Men’s Collection.  Don’t forget the vital task of choosing an absolutely unique antique engagement ring for the soon-to-be blushing bride from Verragio Jewelry Designer section of the Van Scoy Diamonds Official Website!

2012 trends in jewelry designs offer soon-to-be grooms an impressive balance of understated classic and bold, masculine presence that has yet to be so brilliantly captured.

The innovative, exquisite structure for men’s wedding bands shines through Verragio Designs intricate use and integration of  superior distinction metal and artisan textured metal craftsmanship.

For more on the Verragio Men’s Collection, Visit Verragio on the Van Scoy Diamonds Official Website!

The team at Van Scoy Diamonds has grown fond of quite a few Engagement and Bridal Jewelry Blogs. One, in particular, that we’ve become devoted readers of is the always creatively entertaining of  The Daily 101 Blog.  The Engagement Daily 101 Blog recently posted a fabulous foresight of seven featured trends in jewelry.

The seven highlighted wedding band trend expectations include the use of contrasting metals, such as platinum, palladium and tungsten carbide.  However, these is a strong resurfacing, which we’ve all seen evolve over the past two years, in the popularity of classic yellow gold jewelry.

Perhaps somewhere in the late ’90s an awkward phase was experienced by the classic goddess of metal we know as yellow gold.  With powers indestructible, and distinction superior, the golden girl (a.k.a.   has found her way back into the hearts of bridal jewelers, and consumers!

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