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Cupid’s Customer Service

Van Scoy Diamonds has a special employee nobody thinks much about until Valentine’s Day rolls around: Cupid. For most of the population, he’s simply a big baby in a cloth diaper hanging by strings from the grocery store’s ceiling. In all actuality, he’s thousands of years old, with more experience in love than the whole world could ask for. And here’s here, in shop, to help YOU.

If you didn’t know, Cupid was a victim of his own arrow thousands of years ago. His mother, Venus, was a god, jealous of the admiration a human, Psyche, was gaining. Remarkably beautiful, fellow humans were beginning to worship and admire Psyche instead of Venus. So Cupid was sent down to shoot Psyche with one of his arrows, however, he failed at his task. Struck by Psyche’s beauty himself, Cupid dropped his arrow, and shot himself in his own foot instead. Psyche and Cupid married, and Psyche was eventually turned into a god as well.

Cupid is serious about love, but fun about style. We often catch him playing with our Chain Slide Pendants, which are fluidly stylish yet elegant at the same time. Playing off his whimsical personality, Cupid recommends this 18Kt gold and Platinum Heart Chain Slide Pendant for your lady. Not only will it look beautiful on her, but she’ll also have people puzzled about how the pendant is staying on the chain!

While it doesn’t show Cupid (believe us, he’s much cuter), Cupid can’t help but to love this locket. If your lady is at all sentimental, she’ll love being able to wear pictures of her loved ones right above her heart as she wears this locket.

Each of us was surprised when we learned Cupid LOVES color. We’ve since gotten past our initial shock, however, so the fact that Cupid loves this multicolor Gemstone Bracelet is no surprise.

Many do not know that the garnet is thought to increase passion, while at the same time symbolizing love and compassion. Did you know it also promotes blood flow and circulation? Cupid was instantly attracted to these Garnet earrings, as they looked like an easy target for his arrows. Don’t worry, however. Cupid knows your girl is already taken!

If you’re unmarried but ready to take the next step with the woman Cupid found for you, great! He has the perfect ring waiting right here for you!

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