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Share Your Faith With Religious Jewelry

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My mom was never one to wear a lot of jewelry. She always made sure that what she had looked great (well, mostly. I grew up in the 70’s, so she did have a couple of period pieces that would have been best left at home) but also simple and understated. In fact a perfect […]

Sell Your Gold

Cash For Gold Is Easier Than You Think

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Many commercials on television tell you how simple it is to use the services of a company when you want to get cash for gold. They try to make it look simple so you overlook the one really difficult part of dealing with them: you have to mail your jewelry to them. I have as […]

White Gold Jewelry

Jewelry Investing = Smart Investing

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Think back for us… The last time you bought a new piece of jewelry where were you? At the shopping mall or local superstore? At the grocery store? Or how about our favorite answer – your local reputable jewelry store? If your answer was one of the first three, think about what you purchased. Perhaps […]


Life is a Highway

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Like it or not, Spring is, undoubtedly, the season of change. Our growing children graduate from high school or college, our friends and family get married, and all around us new life is popping up. As the season unfolds in front of us, it’s time to take out the map and see where we want […]

Platinum Jewelry

Gold, White Gold and Platinum… Oh My!

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You’re in the market for a new piece of jewelry and all around you are jewelry cases and websites full of countless beautiful pieces.  Perhaps your style preferences have already steered your jewelry collection in the direction of yellow gold or silver, but maybe they haven’t.  While yellow gold, white gold and platinum all make […]