Pearl Jewelry: The World is Their Oyster

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Pearl Jewelry

Pearl, with its mystical glow and luster, has been considered a gemstone for lovers since ancient times. Myths say Pearl is an important ingredient of the magical potion that makes two people fall in love. Pearl also symbolizes purity. This is why Pearl jewelry is a popular choice for bridal and groom jewelry at weddings. […]


Pearls as White as Snow and So Much More

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While pearls may not be as special as snowflakes they’re still amazing in how rare it is to find a pearl in the wild. In the nature, one in ten thousand oysters has a naturally forming pearl. Because of this rarity and a call by conservationists to conserve the wild oyster beds most pearls found […]

Pearl jewelry

Precious Pearls

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Previously with Van Scoy we suggested that maybe a great gift idea would be a diamond bracelet, now we’d like to offer for your consideration the versatility of pearl jewelry. They can be as white as snow, as dark as chocolate, blue as the sea they come from or as black as night. The gorgeous […]

Greg Anthony

Fast Facts About Pearls

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We’ve featured how to properly take care of your pearls previously in our article, “Keep Your Pearls Happy with a Little TLC.” Now for some fast facts as well as featuring some examples of our beautiful Greg Anthony mabe pearl collection. 1) Whether wild or cultured, gem quality pearls are almost always nacreous and iridescent […]