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Shopping For Anniversary Diamonds

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My fifteenth wedding anniversary is coming up shortly this year, and I know there are a couple of different lists that tell me what the theme for this year’s gift should be, but for me, there is only one gift that works. I figured since it all started with a diamond engagement ring, then on […]


Diamonds or Pearls

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Diamonds or Pearls – Prince If I gave you diamonds or pearls Would you be a happy boy or girl If I could I would give you the world It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Prince first released his song “Diamonds or Pearls.” At Van Scoy Diamonds, we know you would […]

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Tennis, Anyone?

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Speed, strength and agility are all important for the tennis player, but what about sparkle and shine? A diamond bracelet might do the trick. Tennis and diamonds have had a long history together, ever since tennis star Chris Evert popularized the dazzling inline diamond bracelets during the 1987 U.S. Open tennis championships. While playing a […]


For Life’s Many Journeys, the Diamond Journey Pendant

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From the day we enter the world, we are launched into a series of journeys that will define us. Some more memorable than others, some more joyous. A Journey Pendant can represent a passage into which you are just entering, just leaving, or still experiencing. The first holiday you and she spend together – you […]