Jewelry Repair Services: Grandma’s Brooch

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She meant the world to you. When your grandmother passed, you inherited the lovely diamond and gemstone brooch she wore to church each and every Sunday. Of all of your jewelry, it is the most valued piece you own and you would proudly wear it, but it has seen better days. There are several loose […]


Jewelry Repair Services and Insurance: Protect Your Investments

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When you buy a car, you buy insurance to protect your investment. When you buy a home, you buy insurance to protect your investment. When you buy fine jewelry, do you buy insurance to protect your investment? You should. While many fine jewelry buyers neglect to insure their purchases, many more realize the value of […]

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Treasuring A Family Heirloom

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(Keeping fine diamond necklaces with jewelry care) I’m one of the luckiest people I know in so many ways, but the way that means most is my family has always stayed close. I know you can’t have multiple generations always together without some friction, but we are so close my friends joke about it, asking […]

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Keeping Your Jewelry Forever

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Something disappointing that happens to most people is when their favorite piece of jewelry breaks. When there is clothing that rips or is outgrown, it can be turned into rags or sold at a tag sale or donated to Goodwill. Jewelry is far too valuable for such an inglorious end. Depending on how old the […]

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Protecting Your Fine Jewelry

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There are a few people out there who have the compulsion to keep everything they own in tip-top shape. Most of us don’t have the time, the energy or the focus to do that, and inevitably, glasses break, chairs get ripped and computers give us the blue screen of death. The one thing I do […]