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The Story Behind “The Pink Panther”

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If you are a lover of fine comedy, you may have heard of “The Pink Panther” – either the 1963 series or the gaggle of films that followed, with the most recent being released in the 2000’s and starring Steve Martin. The premise revolves around a valuable diamond called “The Pink Panther”, a large and […]


Famous Diamonds

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Diamonds are the most incredible of all natural gemstones, and the industry has been booming for decades. There is no end to mankind’s love of diamonds, whether they are set into scepters, encrusted into sword handles, or delicately accenting an engagement ring. These are stunning and one-of-a-kind aesthetic experiences. The largest diamonds in the world […]

Jewelry Education

An Overview of Victorian Hair Jewelry

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The history of Victorian hair jewelry is a fascinating chapter, particularly as it pertains to the United States and post-Civil War culture. Hair was fashioned into thick braids used for necklaces, bracelets and even brooches. Particularly in the United States, hair jewelry became the choice work for opportunist wig makers who suddenly found themselves out […]