Diamonds are a MOM’S best Friend!

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Necklace - Van Scoy Diamonds

You know the old saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Well, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we all too often forget that Mom was once a “girl” too… the very best girl, actually – she’s Mom!  And what better way to show your mother that she shines even brighter than a […]

Christmas Gifts

Let it Glow! Let it Glow! Let it Glow!

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…and sparkle, and shine, and dazzle and delight!  What are we talking about?  Why, your holiday jewelry, of course!  Not to mention the wearer of said jewelry.  And the holidays are close enough now that you’ve probably already figured out what you’ll be wearing to this party or that (if not, it’s time to get […]

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

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Mother’s Day is coming quickly, and if you haven’t found that perfect gift for Mom yet or – if you’re like many of us last minute shoppers – you haven’t really begun the search for a Mother’s Day gift, you’re not alone.  Time is, however, running out, so here are some brilliant Mother’s Day gift […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Fine Jewelry

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Make this Valentine’s Day something special with a gift from the heart. While a new slow cooker is useful, and a bouquet of roses is beautiful, the gift of fine jewelry is likely to make a memory, not a pot roast or die as time goes by. But what jewelry is appropriate for a Valentine’s […]