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Buying Diamond Bracelets For Your Daughter

Nothing makes you age faster than having a child. It seems like only yesterday that we were dropping my daughter off for the first day of kindergarten or teaching her how to ride a bicycle. Now she’s getting ready to enter eighth grade and celebrating her thirteenth birthday next month. What’s a parent to do?

One of the hardest parts of her birthday is deciding what to buy her. She has been paying extra attention to the commercials with diamond jewelry and conveniently leaving magazines open that show beautiful diamond earrings and such. My wife and I both agree that she is certainly old enough to own a piece of fine jewelry. We know that this is the time out little girl starts growing into a young woman, and while we can’t control all of that, we certainly want sure that it doesn’t happen too abruptly or inappropriately. That was why we decided to buy her a diamond bracelet.

2 CTW Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Not only do we want her to have something nice, and give her a present that is symbolic for the importance of this important birthday, we also want to show that we trust her by giving her some responsibility. Owning a piece of fine jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, is something that she has to take care of and treat with respect. It is something she has to clean and maintain, as well as pay attention to and not casually forget. In other words, something she has to show a level of maturity about.

Part of the reasoning behind us deciding on a diamond tennis bracelet for her was that they are certainly very special and eye-catching, but they also aren’t something that you see everybody wearing. We couldn’t help but notice the less flattering jewelry choices that some of her classmates were wearing, and we want to be sure that her first piece of fine jewelry is something exceptional. Plus, by getting her something that is beautiful but not the same exact thing that everyone else is wearing, we can help remind her that, even though there is a lot of pressure on teenagers to “fit in’, it is always going to be okay to be your own person. That’s part of what makes this diamond bracelet the perfect gift for her.

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