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2013 Wedding Trends

Record snowfalls in parts of our country last week may have deceived you that the month we’re now in is… May! At the beginning of the wedding season with lots of weddings yet to come, you may be a bride rushing to tie together all the loose ends of your upcoming wedding. Knowing all-to-well about the stress that comes along with last minute preparations, the staff at Van Scoy Diamonds has prepared a summary of this year’s hottest wedding trends to help you.

Color Scheme

If your wedding is a fancy black tie affair, the stylists are recommending planning a neutral palette to maximize your event’s elegance. From your bridal bouquet to the table linens, beige, gray and taupe are hot in their own muted way. In your spectacular white bridal gown, you can rest assured that all eyes will be on YOU and not on your bridesmaids’ neutral dresses.

Taking a step (or ten) away from the neutral quietness of formal weddings, less formal weddings are seeing an upsurge of colors and patterns. From stripped bridesmaids gowns in various colors to multi-color bouquets, this wedding will have a 0% chance of being quiet and somber. Even with the stress of last minute planning, imagine the fun you will have coordinating (or un-coordinating!) the décor and accessories with a polka dot theme!


Admit it – Except for with your husband-to-be you REALLY don’t like sharing. Luckily for you, cupcakes are continuing to take the cake stand this year.  Ask your bakery to prepare a special gourmet cake (or pie) for you and your new hubby, and let your guests help themselves to the cupcake table. We’ll warn you, however: We have seen sneaky hands swipe cupcakes off the dessert table long before the cake has been cut, so you may consider getting surveillience for the cupcakes’ sake.

If you’re looking for a fun, festive way to bring color into your dessert station, an assortment of cupcakes in various colors and patterns is a perfect approach. Not only can you try out ALL the hottest patterns of the season with the frosting, you can also use various flavors for the cake batter and frosting to achieve different color combinations.

Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

While white and yellow gold will always have a place in our hearts, platinum engagement rings and wedding bands are taking this season by storm. Van Scoy Diamonds is thrilled to offer you a wide selection of bridal jewels by a wide variety of today’s hottest jewelry designers. From your wedding day earrings to you and your love’s wedding bands, we’re here to help make your wedding day jewelry dreams become a reality.


Your color scheme may be headed in the neutral or bright directions mentioned earlier, but this season’s wedding favors are headed in their own direction: Green. No, not necessarily green colored, however for the environment’s sake, you can let everyone know your favors are, in fact, green. Take, for example, this favor box. Once your guests arrive home they can bury it in their garden and receive another gift from you later in the year – a bed of wild flowers!

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