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FAQ’s About Buying a Diamond Ring Online

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Shop diamond rings online

The most common dilemma faced by the to-be bride or groom is, should I buy engagement rings online or from a traditional jewelry store? When you are a complete novice at buying a diamond ring, the situation can become quite perplexing. You may have doubts about whether purchasing a diamond ring online is safe? If it will […]

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The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings for Every Budget

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hopping for an engagement ring for your sweetheart? It is surely a wonderful time of your life. Engagement rings are eternal. Marital bliss ensues with selecting the most suitable engagement ring. Engagement rings are available in a variety of designs and materials. You can get the most beautiful engagement rings for every budget. They come […]

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5 Everyday Jewelry Items for the Well-Dressed Woman

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5 Everyday Jewelry items for the Well-Dressed Woman

Complimentary jewelry enhances your look and gives a makeover to your appearance. Perfect jewelry like gold, silver, or diamond jewelry can make your look stand out even in the crowd. You can experiment with different designs and invent a unique statement for yourself. Here are a few jewelry pieces that can go with every outfit […]

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10 Contemporary Jewelry Trends to Watch in 2018

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Jewelry Trends - Van Scoy Diamonds

Jewelry never goes out of style. The designs that are already evergreen from yesteryear are pieces we treasure. We often celebrate hand-me-down diamond jewelry as a symbol of elderly blessings. But what about when the tables turn and you have to hand down Jewelry to the future generations? Really good jewelry is something that young […]


Pearl Jewelry: The World is Their Oyster

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Pearl Jewelry

Pearl, with its mystical glow and luster, has been considered a gemstone for lovers since ancient times. Myths say Pearl is an important ingredient of the magical potion that makes two people fall in love. Pearl also symbolizes purity. This is why Pearl jewelry is a popular choice for bridal and groom jewelry at weddings. […]