Looking for the right pieces of jewelry especially before the onset of your wedding can turn out to be a bit complex. This blog mainly aims at providing you with count-down picks on bridal jewelry so that you don’t miss out on anything at the last minute.

Here we go:

A diamond engagement ring and a wedding band

It is always better you purchase the entire wedding set on jewelry. The Engagement ring and the wedding band can be chosen simultaneously. You can choose hearts, marquise, square cushion cuts and princess cut for the wedding band. These are styles that are always on the move. Nature inspired picks on bridal jewelry are also catching the attention of yet-to-be-brides.

A sprawling diamond necklace

You can have the diamond necklace with a fitting pendant. The heirloom diamond of yours’ can make a fantastic option when it comes to customizing the pendant in the most fabulous way. A diamond necklace can be a single or a double strand one. Elegant pieces can be chosen over the heavier ones.


Choosing a tiara with too many glitter stones is not all that advisable. The stones may fall while she walks down the reception hall, all the way, down the aisle. You can buy a tiara that has an intricate design with requisite number of stones.

A cute fresh water pearl bracelet

You can have a fresh water pearl bracelet to adorn her slender hand. The look gives a graceful charm to the bride indeed. At VanScoy Diamonds, you can avail fresh water pearl bracelets at a very affordable price-range.

Ear studs

The bridal jewelry collection goes incomplete without a stunning pair of ear studs. To give a royal look to the wedding event, choose solitaire diamonds over a dangling or a pin.

Matching brooches can also be availed as a part of the wedding day jewelry.

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Buying a diamond engagement ring is the most important purchase in one’s life. And do you know why a man puts an engagement ring across his lady-love’s finger?

There is a specific philosophy surrounding the whole thing. Engagement rings connote loyalty, dedication and commitment, a man gives to the woman of his life. It is a solemn or an oath, he gives to the, yet-to-become-bride that, she will be the only girl he would be marrying.

Presenting 4 awesome designs on Engagement bands, you will truly feel elated about:

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In this particular segment, you are going to not only explore tips and ideas on how to choose the right diamond jewelry store. You will also be learning about some of the insider trading secrets, merchants adhere to.

Highlighting tips on how to choose the right store follows:

Allows you to choose designs at your own pace

The renowned fashion jewelry store, you are looking at, can either be a brick or mortar establishment. Else it can be a perfect online store. However, you need to choose a store that allows you to pick and choose designs at your own pace.

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As a matter of fact, diamond is the hardest stone, one sees on the planet. But the glitter and sheen, of the coveted stone, depends on how much you care, to maintain the same. Diamonds need thorough cleaning from time to time.

Caring for your diamond jewelry is made simpler with these exclusive tips.

Here we go:

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When it comes to bridal jewelry, the first thing that comes to your mind, is a diamond engagement ring. The ring showcases fulfillment, commitment and eternity. It is a promise a guy makes to her lady-love, that she will be the ultimate woman in his life.

That is the reason why to-be couples select Engagement rings, after analyzing several factors:

Here are top picks on diamond engagement rings:

14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring

rose gold

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Before you foray, into buying jewelry sets for various occasions, you need to browse the net thoroughly.

Taking you into deeper insights on 5 things to expect from a renowned jewelry store:

Unique Designs

The retail as well as the online section of the store needs to offer you with unique designs on jewelry. The designs need to match contemporary styles. Vintage designs are also a heart throb among the younger girls. The fusion of style into tradition is what lends a unique personality to fabulous sets. If you want to have a thorough look at designs showcased by various brands, first log on to the net and view multiple designs that are on display.

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As there is fresh love up in the air, there should also be a refreshing feel, when it comes to picking your own sets on jewelry.

Helping you discover designer styles on diamond pendants:

Marquise Shaped Pendant


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For Valentine’s Day, you truly need to choose jewelry designs that are completely unique. Ultra-modern designs and classic styles are definitely in vogue. But to make things a little different, for the upcoming festive occasion, why not choose Celtic designs on Engagement rings? You choose the gift for the love of your life. You thus can afford to let your imagination go wild.


Presenting 4 exclusive Celtic designs on rings, you go gaga over:

A rich design

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Getting diamond pendants is the most beautiful wish of any woman at any age of life. Whether worn as a creative designer piece or just a solitaire, diamond pendants are loved by all. With advent of astonishing designs and creative ideas, demand of diamond pendants is rising each day. However, it is often observed that people are not aware of what makes a diamond worth its price when they are on a hunt for diamond jewellery.


Let us throw light on some of the must know aspects when going to shop for diamond pendants and jewellery.

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You have always yearned for something new. The young girls out there just want to stash away their pieces on hip-hop jewelry. When you come across exquisite or eye catching jewel sets, wouldn’t you love grabbing the same?

Taking you through scintillating designs and trends on diamond jewelry for 2018:

Diamond Swirl Ring

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