When you want to shop for an engagement ring or any other form of petite jewelry online, you need to be aware of the quality of the product.

This way, you can shop for your diamond jewelry via your smart phones, computers or tablets without relying on jewelry retailers. Have a look at 4 tips on how to choose diamonds from an online based diamond jewelry store.

Here we go:

Research on the quality of diamonds

Before you start shopping from an online diamond jewelry store, you need to do your research in a comprehensive manner. You need to have a better clarity on the quality of diamond stones. The quality of the diamond stone can be gauged by performing the three C’s test.

These include:

  1. Carat Weight (The weight of diamond stones are measured in carats)


  1. Color and clarity (The diamond needs to be a crystal clear stone, it can be an opaque stone, as well)


  1. Cut of the diamond stone

Look for a grading report

GIA is a trusted online website that provides results based on the grade of diamonds. If you get ‘Flawless’ as the determining result on the GIA report, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing the diamonds from the right store. You can get a facsimile copy of the GIA report online as well. You need to compare the range as specified on the site with the optimal range to know the product you are exactly looking for.

Know more about the seller

Once you have decided to go in for the right kind of diamond stone, you need to make some random checks on the seller with whom you plan to initiate the purchase. You need to get answers for:

  • How long has the seller been in the diamond jewelry business?


  • Kind of positive customer reviews the online diamond jewelry store has received till date


  • Is the store associated with ethical trading associations?


  • Are the transactions secure enough?


  • Do online representatives offer genuine help?


  • Returns policy


  • When and how will the diamond jewelry get shipped?


Consider the payment method

If you are making a purchase using your credit card, does the sale deed get generated immediately? If you have problems using the site or using your credit card details, stop the transaction with immediate effect.

These are the 4 effective tips on how to purchase diamonds from a reputed online diamond jewelry store.

Van Scoy Diamonds is an online jewelry store dealing with ethnic and contemporary designs on gold and diamond jewelry.

You can wear your creative hat on, especially while customizing your own set of wedding bands. These bands, need to compliment the diamond stone, you have chosen, for your engagement or wedding. Writing your own set of rules can be fun and exciting.

Taking you through amazing ideas for customizing wedding bands:

The Holocaust Wedding Band

Customizing holocaust wedding band can be eye-catching and trendy. Halo engagement rings either can be square shaped or rounded ones. Take one similar element of the wedding stone into consideration. It can either be the size or shape of the diamonds. You can add round diamonds especially if your ring is a round-halo one.


You can also mix and match metals freely to adorn the center gem stone. This way, you create a customized band that looks amazingly cool.

Include pave-set stones forming a part of the royal brigade?

You can include pave-set stones to unify a white or a rose gold band. These are small diamond stones or a cluster that adorns the central diamond stone in a resplendent manner. Pave-set stones can be chosen from different shades.

The two stone wedding band

If you have chosen a two-stoned wedding ring, these are ideas that can go well with the flow. Just remember one thing. Your wedding ring already has many intricately designed elements to actually play well with your nuptial knot. You just need to select a band that actually incorporates one of the striking features, transparently visible on your center stone.


Why not try out this one? You can mix a modern metal with the classic white gold setting, giving a stunningly cool finish, for your wedding band. Furthermore, you can camouflage a curved silhouette with the shape of the band. Try to nestle both the aspects into one.

Van Scoy Diamonds is a leading online store dealing with varieties of gold and diamond jewelry. We provide quality surpassing excellence.

When your fiancé, puts a beautiful engagement ring across the coveted ring finger, the feel is too good to be true. The engagement rings connote purity, commitment and the love the guy outpours towards his lady-love. An engagement ring is worn before the onset of the actual wedding. A warm engagement ceremony is the best moment for any woman on the planet.

Presenting four beautiful engagement rings, you fall head over heels in love with:

Heart shaped metallic rings

When your fiancé opts to put a heart shaped metallic ring, this is the message he puts across to you. He pours his heart out to the lady-love of his life. He will give his heart to make his love come true. Heart shaped rings symbolize the eternity of love like none other. Heart-shaped metallic rings can thus be a very good choice, when it comes to choosing engagement rings.

Gold rings

When the guy chooses a gold ring, he means to convey this. You are his lady-love as pure as gold. Golden rings also symbolize the feeling that the guy would stay with you through thick and thin. Gold doesn’t lose its sheen or luster, even when you expose the metal to hot, cold or vinyl liquids. A golden engagement ring therefore symbolizes solid relationship between the two of you.

Diamond rings

It is the tiara of the princess that does all the talking. Same way, it is the diamond ring that stands out as the best form of engagement ring. The studs shine and gleam through light or darkness. The same way, your guy tells you that your radiance will shine into him, all through his life. Diamonds are woman’s best friend, so are the rings.

Platinum love bands

Platinum is the costliest and purest form of metal, you find on the planet. Platinum rings therefore symbolize the loveliest and adorable form of love, a guy can give to his lady love which is you. Platinum love bands are priceless, so is the love he has towards you.

These are the 4 types of engagement rings that can leave you groovy on cloud 9. Van Scoy Diamonds can be your first choice for diamond rings sellers online as they have a wide variety to explore.

Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring for yourself requires hard-work. You need to choose the right cut diamond and the design. You may step in and out of diamond showrooms to choose the right kind of ring for your would-be bride.

But in today’s digital world, things need not get this hard. You can choose an authentic diamond showroom online. You then choose a ring and place the order for the ring to be delivered at your door-step.



Letting you take a sneak-peek at 3 latest designs on engagement rings:

Holocaust 18K gold ring

This is a holocaust ring that has a strand of diamond stones across the edges of the ring. You can then choose the diamond stone that needs to be embedded across the center portion of the ring. You can choose a round diamond stone, a hexagonal shaped one or a square shaped one. The entire covering is a white-gold setting. You can customize the ring this way and place an order.

Waverly design

This is yet another stunning design when it comes to choosing your very own pair of engagement rings. The ring is a sparkling halo which paves way for a complete cluster of diamond stones. These surround the center diamond gem and beautifies the band. The trendy design of the diamond gallery makes the ring truly incredible.

Reverie ring

You get a feminine design with the all-new reverie ring. The ring follows a contemporary design as you have graceful ribbons of the precious metal. The ribbon styled design adds to the sparkle of the center gem-stone.

These are the 3 latest designs on engagement rings that lends a fairy tale ending to the wedding.

VanScoy Diamonds popular online for different kinds of gold and diamond jewelry. The designs are really trendy and eye-catching for the younger generation.


Who to Choose Engagement Rings

The perfect engagement rings are more than just a statement of unconditional love. You would wear the ring proudly and flaunt it in front of all your friends, so it should reflect your style. With the various styles, you can picture which twinkle characteristics you want the ring to reflect.
It is often said rings should have diamonds encrusted in them, but one need not stick to the traditional guidelines. They need not have a diamond nor do they need to have a certain cut. You can choose what you feel is perfect and right for you. If you are still confused about making the right choice, simply take in a deep breath, focus and take a look at some the suggestions given below.

A marquise cut for the humble bride-to-be

Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you may not want to have a sport a rock the size of Mars on your finger. If you are looking for something different, apart from diamonds, the marquise cut is perfect for you. The marquis cut is stylish and timeless, and will be a perfect fit for your casual, simple style.

Something old with a touch of new… Maybe blue?
You believe in certain traditional values, and still want to bring in a touch of clique into your life and fashion. You like combining several fashionable era’s and want your ring to show just that. Go vintage, in such cases. The vintage cuts include subtle and classic, extravagant and sparkling, without losing the touch of elegance. You can select a blue stone, it is your something old, new and blue sorted.

Keeping it simple

Are you a girl who likes to wear only jeans and a T-shirt? You would want your ring simple and beautiful. For the brides- to- be- who like a modest but timeless look, the solitaire cut would be a perfect choice. A small diamond or gemstone could add that extra shine to your natural look.

Creative designs for an artistic bride-to-be

You like walking into a room full of people complimenting your unique dress style. You wouldn’t want to wear a simple engagement ring, you want to think outside the box and look at the non-traditional designs. You would want to have an unusual band and contour.

If you still want to look at a collection of engagement rings, contact Van Scoy Diamonds.



There are a few things a woman should have in her wardrobe. A stylish black dress is a must and is cozy and classy black pumps. You could also have a colorful scarf, a slimming pair of professional trousers, a purse and of course a pair of gorgeous diamond stud earrings.

The diamond earrings come in a range of shapes and sizes, right from round to square cut and half-carat to 2 carat weights. They complement any out a woman wears. They can even be worn during the day or night, at the office, home and for any occasion.

Looking for the perfect diamond earrings can be challenging. From a variety of earrings to select from, it is easy for you to get confused. To avoid the feeling of confusion, take a deep breath and ask the jeweler to show you their collection of diamond earrings. When it comes to choosing a fine pair of earrings, there are a few guidelines you can follow when selecting the perfect ones for any occasion.

The first has to with size. You could select diamonds that are less than two carats. You could even choose earrings with small stones for morning wear, while for the evening you could choose something with a bit more sparkle.

The stones represent a time frame: past, present and future. A three-diamond cluster symbolizes a lifetime of love and when looking at it, it is what you envision.

Cut and color are the other 2 things you should consider. Diamond cuts like round and square cuts are normal for studs, but you could want something a more fancier like a heart shape or a pear cut to spice up the traditional accessory.

You could keep in mind that you will get the most brilliance from a round cut, so if the diamonds are tiny, the right cut could make seem larger. When it comes to color, you could get as close to colorless as possible. There are chances of off-color stone may be more noticeable. Diamonds are precious and the earrings will never go out of style.

You have selected the venue of the wedding, the photographer and the DJ is checked off the list. Now, you have to look for your wedding band.

Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Match It with Your Engagement Ring

Bridal designers know it can be a challenge putting a wedding together, so looking for a perfect wedding band to match the engagement ring will be exciting. The best place to begin is by calling your local jewelry store or stops by and asks them if they have a wedding band that matches your ring.

You can customize your band if the wedding band is not, want you were looking for. For instance, if your band is a simple one without diamonds, some designers could design it with diamonds.

 Width of the Wedding Band

There are a couple of things to consider in terms of the width of the band.

What is the engagement ring’s width? You could want to have a wedding band thicker in width than the engagement ring. You can even have a band the same width or a bit smaller than the ring.

Are your fingers long or short? If your fingers are long, then you could wear wider bands, than someone with short fingers. You would not want your finger to look overloaded unless your diamond is big.

Type of Metal

You will know a little bit about the type of metal based on the engagement ring. However, there are a few metal types you can choose for your wedding band.


It is one of the rarest and attractive metals perfect for wedding bands. The beauty lies in platinum’s natural gray white color. It’s color accurately and complements all skin tones.


Gold is resistant to rusting and erosion and will sustain its natural, shiny and yellow color.


Palladium is hard, natural and pure amongst the other alloys and a part of the platinum family. It is a metal people dream of having their rings.

Diamonds or Gemstone

Whether you want a diamond or gemstone, it is your personal preference. For example, you could an emerald band for your fifth or tenth anniversary. The wedding band could complement your diamond engagement ring.

With all the choices in metals, width and diamond or gemstones, you could have a challenge choosing the perfect wedding band. If you still want to know about the band, contact Van Scoy Diamonds. Visit – Van Scoy Diamonds.

5 tips for buying custom design jewelry


You may want to look your best at a party. Finding the right jewelry is important if not a necessity. A safe choice for evening parties (and an unsafe option for work environments) is sparkling, brilliant jewelry. You may want to go for necklaces with large gemstones, layered chains, precious fine jewelry.

One effective way to dress it up is to wear a single heavy, glamorous, bold accessory and use other accessories to emphasize it. Do not go for more than one heavy accessory. If your earrings are heavy and extravagant, you should probably not pair it with an equally extravagant necklace and vice versa.

For themed parties, take precaution not to overboard. To share more about glamorous party-wear jewelry, here is Ivan Liu

Be it a formal party or an informal one, you are bound to be desirous of presenting yourself in an attractive manner so as to create an exclusive aura of extravagance and uniqueness. Imagine that you get down from your car to head for the party you had been longing for and immediately catch the glimpse of multiple pairs of eyes gazing at you. Yes! It’s not only just you but every woman at a certain corner in her heart desire the passionate look of men, which is powerful enough to withstand the green-eyed competitors at the party. This imagination can definitely be given a shape if you try out the glittering fashion jewelries especially meant for the party. The party earrings and necklaces are designed with great skills applied carefully on selected materials with charming sequins to spice up the evening. These are obviously going to make you look awesome and you will also be sparking in them. The apparel that you select for the party has to be elegant and stylish. The jewelry you select should also gel well with it. This cohesion is possible only when you are selective enough when the party jewelries are concerned.


Vintage costume jewelry is always preferred when the party jewelries are concerned. Glittering and glimmering earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are available at a considerably cheaper rate are always considered as among the most important factors that can highlight you in an evening party. Floral earrings like those from the Orange butterfly ones from Vivace jewelry have compelled several women to fall in love with them. The beadwork in these earrings creates the magic combination of colors that are there in the wings of butterflies. If this set of earrings is accompanied by multicolor orange butterfly necklace and bracelets of the same type, then you are simply going to look fabulous. Multi-chain earrings with metallic circles at their end can be a superb combination with a layered chain necklace and you can wear them both in the morning and in the evening parties. Double chain metal earrings or the juicy earrings can complete your party look when you are wearing them with a black silk outfit or backless tops. Multiple colored and stone studded jewelries are always preferred when party and other occasions are concerned.


The type of party you are heading for has a direct relation with the jewelries that you are going to adorn yourself with; for instance, if you are invited for a formal party, then the jewelry combination has to be elegant with a flair of formality. While when dressing up with the jewelries for wedding ceremonies are concerned you hardly pay heed to any restrictions. For, in such parties any type of jewelry can be worn. Moreover, the glittering ones that suit your facial features and body contours are in great demand. Ceramic can always be in great demand but for the formal parties women often feel comfortable in a diamond set whose worth can never be superceded by any other gorgeous jewelry. Those who are conscious about safety issue or simply do not want to go for precious jewelries, hunt for simple designer jewelries that they can embellish themselves with to be presentable. If you have selected an off-shoulder outfit with a perfect shirt down the waist, then compliment it with triple blue drop ceramic necklace that can move down to the cleavage, sexualizing your party look through its suggestive alignments.


With the huge collection of Vivace jewelry, alluring men at any party or get together is now at your fingertips. Jewelries that are made up of glass can be enough attractive when weaved in a colored rope. Gold can always be an essential part of the marriage ceremonies and parties; they are not really meant for formal parties and birthday parties. At birthday parties, you should always wear light inexpensive jewelries that can create magic with their simplicity. As days are passing by, experimentations on jewelries are attaining new heights. So, if you move out for shopping or even just browse through the web pages you are going to get a wide array of fashion jewelries present in the market. You can transform your image into that of a beautiful and glamorous lady when you prettify yourself with the handmade jewelry collections that are accompanied by semi-precious stones and silk coding. The combination of colors and designs can made you one of the primary reasons for men to turn around. The shimmer that these fashion and party jewelries have in them can hardly be seen in any other forms of jewelries. Jewelries, especially bracelets, are often seen with charms that might bear some sort of meaning for the person wearing it. This can also be one of the selected and demanding jewelry that almost all the women love to wear.


Women today are fashion conscious and they are trying to dress themselves up only with the finely selected designer jewelries, and when parties are concerned they become all the more cautious. Jewelries that are meant for a shimmering look can always be put on while you move into a party or some other event of this sort. You have to make the right type of selection so that they can develop that particular feature in you, which you are looking for. There are a number of companies that engage themselves in providing adequate information about designer jewelries and also involve themselves in giving exclusive discounts on them. Stones like jade, amnesty, ruby can make simple jewelries look awesome. Take the advice of your designer and put on the best one according to your complexion and features. Finely selected contemporary vintage jewelries take you a long way and you are going to look much more than just beautiful.

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Your grandmother meant a lot to you. Before she passed away, you received a lovely diamond and gemstone pendant she wore on several special occasions.

This is one of the most precious and valued pieces you have out of all the other jewelry pieces you own. You could wear it, but it has seen better days. You should avoid trying to fix the loose stone or the broken clasp of your pendant.

You could feel bad if you lose a stone or the pendant or ring itself. Is there something you could do? You could easily contact your jewelry store in your neigbhorhood about the jewelry repair services it provides. A jeweler can repair all kinds of jewelry that includes replacing clasps, tightening settings and much more.

The jewelry repair services can breathe new life into the old, tired jewelry. Why not give the pendant a tune with the jewelry repair services?

Most jewelry stores provide jewelry repair services, not all of them do repairs on site. Most of them will send the pendant to another location for the repairs where the jeweler will fix the pendant at the back of the shop. When you look around for a jewelry repair,be sure to ask if the store if they do they repairs in the store or elsewhere.

Apart of repairing jewelry, the jeweler could offer free appraisals of jewelry. You could check into having the pendant appraised for insurance purposes while it is being fixed. If you like, you could ask your jeweler if he could insure your pendant with the rest of your fine jewelry.

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