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Van Scoy Diamonds: Garnet Gemstone Spotlight

A Van Scoy Diamonds Gemstone Spotlight

Totally Tubular Tuesday of Garnet Jewelry

Garnet Jewelry at Van Scoy Diamonds

Garnet Jewelry

Adored by royalty and commoners alike, The historic garnet gemstone, with a ranged translucent to transparent display, seen in rich red hues of rasberry, paler shades of pink, red, purple, orange, yellow and violet, is more than worthy of a Van Scoy Diamonds Gemstone Spotlight!

The celebrated birthstone of January is the richly hued red, violet or rasberry garnet gemstone.  The richly colored stone is symbolic of love, and more precisely, a colorful gemstone often referenced in Greek Mythology to represent love, protection and good health for a loved one embarking on a journey.  This is why the richly ranged in deep colors and hues of the Garnet january birthstone is coined the ‘Gem of Journeymen’.

Not only is the garnet a symbol of love, it is also one which, given as a gift, provides your loved one, friend or family member preparing for a journey both protection and hope for a speedy homecoming. The deep red garnet has also become symbolic of the reunion of estranged lovers.

This meaning belongs to the story of Hermes, Hades, the Greek Gods who brought this meaning to fruition in the giving of a pomegranate, symbolic of the garnet, to Persephone when she was taken by Hades to The Underworld. The gift of a pomegranate to Persephone, the rich red fruit often recognized as the symbol of the garnet, helped to save Persephone from Hades.

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It is believed that according to Greek mythologywhen Hades took away Persephone along with him to the underworld, Zeus was requested to bring her back by DemeterZeus in turn sent Hermes to rescue the fair maiden and he found her beside Hades one day. On seeing himPersephone wanted to be freed from the underworld and readily agreed to go with Hermes. Hades had no choice but to obey his brother s commands and let her go. Before they parted Hades presented Persephone with a Pomegranate.

He was positive that the sweet taste of the ripened seeds will bring her back to him and indeed it did. Legend has it that for 3 months every year Persephone returned to Hades and this was heralded by the onset of the cold winter months. In today s world, gifting a pomegranate is synonymous with gifting someone with a set of the shining garnet gemstones as a symbol of their love. Thus garnet has been famous as a great gift for a loved one, estranged lovers and also makes for a great surprise gift for anyone who is traveling. It is said to convey the deepest feeling of the heart.  -via

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Garnet Pendant at Van Scoy Diamonds


Mozambique Garnet Pendant 8 x 6 Oval

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Mozambique Garnet Pendant
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Gents Mozambique Garnet Ring

Gents Mozambique Garnet Ring

Stock number: 50010696
Gents Mozambique Garnet Ring
Our Price: $888.00
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Famous in History: Jacqeline Kennedy Onassis

The late Jacqeline Kennedy Onassis was known for her exquisite taste and distinct, classy and feminine style.  This was, of course, the case for her jewelry collection. Valued at over 5 million when auctioned, her cabochon garnet flower brooch from the 19th century sold for $145,000. Apparently, garnet jewelry was among the favorites of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and was found in various other pieces within her collection.

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