Ah, cufflinks! As a man, a cufflink is that item of jewelry that speaks the most to you at glamorous events. There is no men’s ensemble that feels complete without them. Sophisticated, suave and the favorite symbol of men’s grooming, the unmistakable elegance of cufflinks is a sign of good taste.

It is very important that you understand how to pair a cufflink with the pattern and colors of your dress shirt. For women, it is important to learn and maintain the delicate balance between a cufflink and the color of the blouse/shirt.

Cufflinks range in style and design with specialized pieces made for different occasions and purposes. Eve M. Kahn from The New York Times apportions the history of this brilliant item of jewelry. Have a look

Cuff links have a simple purpose, but their innumerable forms reflect their owners’ personalities and manufacturers’ ingenuity. After decades of neglect from academics, they are coming to the fore in museum shows and private collections.

Richard G. Porter, a marketing consultant in Brooklyn, has filled an upstairs room in his townhouse with about 3,500 pairs of cuff links, most from the mid-20th century. “They’re like little canvases,” he said.

He organizes them by material, color, designer, nationality and subject matter. During a recent tour, he opened one of his dozens of drawers and revealed a blaze of red, teal and blue rectangles. He asked me, “You’re ready for some German enamel cuff links?”

Other materials in his collection include pewter, copper, turquoise, agate and lapis lazuli. Sports are represented in the form of tiny windsurfers and badminton shuttlecocks, and he has acquired some oddities, like helicopters, pencil stubs, abacuses and matchbooks. “I do have a little gambling theme section,” he said, bringing out cuff links shaped like stacks of playing cards with tiny dice inside.

Mr. Porter has spent up to a few thousand dollars apiece for cuff link pairs; his priciest acquisitions, made of gold and amethyst, were designed by Art Smith, a Greenwich Village artisan. Among Mr. Porter’s other favorite makers are the artist Victoria Flemming, who drizzled gold streaks on glass, and William Spratling and Antonio Pineda, whose silver workshops in Mexico catered to Hollywood celebrities. He owns about 200 products from Fenwick & Sailors, a company based in Hollywood known for novelty cuff links in the form of telephones, microphones, oil derricks and horses’ behinds.

At business meetings, he said, “They’re a great little icebreaker.” They help form connections between strangers. “They hold things together. There’s absolutely a metaphor in there,” he said.

He sometimes buys tie clips and tie tacks that match his cuff links, and he owns a few singleton cuff links. “My fantasy is somehow finding the match,” he said.

Barry Harwood, the decorative arts curator at the Brooklyn Museum, pored over the Porter drawers a few weeks ago. “I completely admire that sort of tenacity” in collecting, he said. Mr. Porter has given the museum a pair of copper cuff links that resemble African tribal masks; they were designed by Winifred Mason Chenet, a Brooklyn-born modernist coppersmith who mentored Art Smith. She spent years in Haiti, and returned to the United States in the 1960s after soldiers killed her husband, Jean Chenet. (Nancy Till, a design historian in New York, is planning to publish recently unearthed details of Ms. Chenet’s largely forgotten career.)

The Brooklyn Museum will soon display Mr. Porter’s Chenet cuff links. As rare examples of modernist jewelry for men, and rare examples of jewelry for men designed by a woman, Mr. Harwood said, “the cuff links expand the gender realm; they totally open up and broaden the presentation.”

In a new book, “Precious Cufflinks: From Pablo Picasso to James Bond,” the jewelry historian Walter Grasser and the goldsmith Franz Hemmerle point out that “only very few cuff links have found their way into public collections and museums.” The book, also written by the art historian Alexander von Württemberg, describes their origins: 17th-century European aristocrats slipped gemstones attached by chains through their cuff buttonholes. From the 1870s to the 1910s, Czar Nicholas II made sketches of cuff links that he received as gifts. He owned well over 100 pairs, “all of which are sadly lost today,” Mr. von Württemberg writes.

The Missing Link, a specialty store on West 25th Street in Manhattan, has preserved original boxes with 20,000 cuff links for sale. They are arrayed in categories with labels like “Art Deco Enamels” and “Victorian Bean Backs.” The materials include Egyptian scarabs, Wedgwood porcelain wafers and blood-red feldspar cylinders flecked with gold. The store owner, Michael Rodriguez, and his assistant, Tom Dziadual, can explain which cuff link shapes were favored by celebrities like Gary Cooper and Bing Crosby, and how designers over the centuries have tinkered with cuff link formats by adding snaps, toggles, pivoting bars and straps.

During a tour, Mr. Dziadual pointed out a shelf full of crystal cuff links the size of golf balls. “We have a televangelist who wears those,” he said. Another client keeps breaking one cuff link and seeking replacements. He is known, Mr. Dziadual said, as “the lefty destroyer.”

Mr. Rodriguez has 20,000 additional cuff links tucked away in his private collection. He said he planned to write a book about them and create museum displays.

A few institutions keep cuff links on view. They appear on clothing in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s survey of men’s wear, “Reigning Men,” on display through Aug. 21. The Yale University Art Gallery has brought out gold oval cuff links made around 1840, and the Newark Museum is showing examples made of sapphires and mastodon ivory.

One particularly important pair of cuff links, worn by George Washington during one of his inauguration ceremonies, is in the University of Hartford’s holdings of political memorabilia. The collection, amassed by J. Doyle DeWitt, an insurance executive, was long displayed in the university’s Museum of American Political Life, which closed in 2004. The university has been trying to sell the collection, which is costly to maintain in storage; its potential dispersal has caused legal controversy. John Carson, a university spokesman, said its fate has not been decided. Washington’s cuff links remain in limbo.

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For every child, a mother will always hold a special place in his or her heart. She is responsible for making you the person you are today. She will always be on your side in moments of distress and happiness. You should give her an adorable jewelry gift for Mother’s Day to show her how important she is to you.  When it comes to choosing the best jewelry, you may get confused, so to make things easier, look at the range of jewelry pieces given below. From the selection, decide which one will be best for your mother.

Vanscoy-Mother's Day 11-May-17

Mother’s Day like any other special day comes only once a year. It is a day when a mother can simply sit back and enjoy her special moment.  So, go ahead and make it a day she will remember forever.


Mother’s are fondly loved and cherished every day of each one’s life, but mother’s day celebration with her becomes all the more remarkable as this day dedicated to acknowledging all her efforts in bringing us up, her unconditional love and untiring dedication towards her family and kids. Vintage jewelry is classic pieces of history that carry a story in it and are always cherished from generations to generations. Here, we are listing few unique Vintage Jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s day.


Classic diamond jewelry

Show your love, appreciation, and care to your mommy dear by gifting her classic vintage inspired solitaire diamond studs in four-prong settings. The Victorian era inspired daintily crafted diamond studs are embellished with a mild grain pattern in platinum and are really an eye candy for the woman who is passionately in love with a sparkle of diamonds.

Vintage Ring

Personalized Diamond Initials Rings

For a more customized gift, one can always go for a vintage inspired diamond initials to ring. A yellow gold or rose gold ring with the initials of your mom’s name that are embellished with cluster diamonds for an added sparkle is the best Mother’s day gift that will make her feel loved and remembered every time she will look down at the ring on her finger gifted to her by her beloved children.


Vintage Birthstone Rings

If you are blessed with a mom who loves to check through the astrological columns to know the lucky color for the day and feels proud when adorns one, then you can never be wrong in selecting a vintage-inspired birthstone ring for your lovely mom. This ring comes adorned with a solitaire birthstone in halo settings adorned with tiny diamonds around it.


Heart-shaped pendants

The heart is an eternal symbol of love, respect, and token of appreciation. An elegantly crafted yellow gold Heart pendant embellished with emerald is the true symbol of gratitude towards a mother from her children. This pendant, when paired with a yellow gold 20-inch cable chain, will look remarkably outstanding on the wearer giving her an opportunity to pair it with other smaller chain as well.

Diamond Heart Necklace

Diamond Choker Necklace

For the mom’s who love Vintage jewelry to the chore, a diamond choker necklace is a most have. A diamond choker necklace has a remarkable quality to instantly pep up even the simplest of the outfit. This choker necklace in 18K white gold adorned with diamonds in an eternity fashion is sure to make your mom feel the best mom of the century especially when this type of gift would be coming from the apple of her eye.


Well, this was our little list of Vintage inspired diamond Jewelry gift ideas for the special Mom who makes this world all the more worth living.

Happy Mother’s Day…

When choosing an engagement ring, your two highest priorities are design and longevity.  The variety of engagement ring means that couples have more room for self-expression and creativity. When it comes to colored engagement diamond rings, it is hard to know if you are getting the real thing. Especially, with rare colors like pink diamonds.

 Are Colored Diamonds Like Pink or Purple Real?

Are they real? It is the first question people ask themselves when it comes to pink or purple diamonds. The answer to the question is simple: yes! Diamonds exist in various colors, depending on the presence of elements.

Engagement Ring

Option: Pink or Plain Sapphire Diamonds

One option for a pink engagement ring is to use a pink sapphire in your ring. The gemstone shares a rich pink tone as a pink diamond- sometimes the color is more vivid. Sapphires are tough gemstones, second in the world only to diamonds. It means that they will withstand all the bumping around that an engagement ring suffers every day.

Another option is the enhanced diamonds. The stones are natural diamonds but they do undergo a process of heat and pressure treatment or are coated in order to make the stone pink in color. The diamonds that are treated under heat and pressure will retain the color pink but the process does weaken the stones, so they are not considered as valuable as a natural pink diamond.

Coated stones could lose the pink hue over time, and need special care. These stones are less expensive than the natural pink diamonds and can be called a diamond. But are enhanced diamonds practical? It depends on who you ask. Some people say that you can’t tell the difference. Most jewelers have seen that, given the choice, their customers want the real deal. They point out that, “Finally, when a man buys a ring for a woman, he buys a diamond because it is rare and precious.”

It is finally up to the couple to decide what type of engagement ring they want to buy. If your bride wants a pink diamond, you can look for a pink gemstone that is stunning or go the enhanced route from Van Scoy Diamonds.

You know the old saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Well, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we all too often forget that Mom was once a “girl” too… the very best girl, actually – she’s Mom!  And what better way to show your mother that she shines even brighter than a diamond in your eyes than with a Mother’s Day gift of… well… diamonds!


The great thing about diamonds (besides the obvious… they’re diamonds!) as a Mother’s Day gift is that you can find or create a beautiful piece of jewelry for Mom on virtually any budget.  Because diamonds are so often associated with solitaire stones (like engagement rings), our tendency is often to overlook diamond jewelry as an affordable option for other important gift-bestowing occasions.  Here are some super-practical, fashionable, and even sentimental Mother’s Day gift ideas that will put a smile on Mom’s face… and in her heart.


Diamond Stud Earrings

Use our stud finder to locate the perfect pair for Mom!

Diamond Princess Cut Studs, Perfect for Mom!

Diamond earrings are a perennial favorite for many a gift-giving occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception.  Diamond stud earrings are simple, elegant, and sure to make Mom feel special each time she wears them.  Does your mom already have a pair of diamond studs?  No problem… you can help her enhance them with diamond earring jackets, giving her a new and improved look based on her existing jewelry box staples.


Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Do you want to know how to make Mom feel like a million dollars, while only spending a few hundred?  A diamond tennis bracelet will do just that – and never, ever, ever goes out of style.  And here’s an idea – go in on this Mother’s Day gift with your siblings to share the expense.  You’ll be amazed at how much bling (and love!) you can present to Mom when you pool your resources to procure one AMAZING Mother’s Day gift!  (secret mom hint: she’ll be even more impressed that all her children worked together toward a common cause… finally!)


Custom Mother’s Jewelry


Unless you are a mother yourself, you cannot possibly understand the depth of a mother’s love.  She thinks of her children all the time.  She worries, she hopes, she loves… even if her children are all grown and have moved on, there is a piece of her that is with them every moment of every day.  Custom mother’s jewelry gives her a beautiful reminder, every day, of the children that have given her so much joy and pride in her life.  A simple ring or necklace with your birthstones, accented – of course! – with some small diamonds, is a Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish forever!

A diamond is the best natural creation offered to humans by nature. It is no less than a miracle in itself. Its sparkle is so splendid that it can withhold one’s attention forever. It’s a little piece of the star that everyone wants to possess. But how to select the best possible Loose diamond that will adorn the perfect customized jewelry of yours? Here’s a little guide to help you to ensure that your pick is impeccable.

Loose Diamonds


When shopping for a loose diamonds it is of utmost importance to have an authentication certificate. The most reliable certification is of GIA or the

Gemological Institute of America and AGS i.e. American Gem Society.  Commended across the globe for their uncompromising and error free grading standards, they are considered to be the superior certification for a diamond. So, make sure to buy a GIA or AGS certified loose diamond when shopping for one.


4 C’s

The 4C’s of a diamond refers to the color, clarity, Cut and carat of a diamond. These four features are responsible for the worth of the diamonds. The more colorless the diamond is the higher the grade of the diamond will be.


Color Spectrum

Loose diamonds can be found in an array of hues from colorless to slight yellow to brown as well. The diamonds are graded from D i.e. colorless to Z i.e. yellow or even brown in color. A colorless diamond is quite rare and that’s the reason that they cost a whopping value as well.



Clarity of a diamond refers to internal inclusions and external blemishes that a natural diamond will carry. According to GIA, a diamond is considered flawless if no inclusion or blemish is found at ten times magnification. The clarity of a diamond highly affects its value but not the beauty.

Loose Diamonds


A cut refers to the craftsmanship and finishing touches imparted to a diamond. The diamond cut ranges from excellent to good, to very good, to good, then fair and poor. The cut of the diamond extensively affects the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond.



Carat is the measurement unit for diamonds. The more the carat of the diamond, the more pricey it’d be. But still, there are other C’s in consideration as well that will determine the final value of a diamond.


Since you are now all knowledgeable about how to make the perfect loose diamond purchase, then just go for it and cherish your purchase from Van scoy Diamonds in Greensboro, NC.

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes, but spring time in the fashion world also means it’s time to break out your favorite seasonal jewelry, and even shop for some fun, new spring jewelry pieces to brighten up your current collection.  Just as spring time breathes new life into nature, 2017’s favorite spring jewelry trends will bring new sparkle to your accessory wardrobe.  Spring is for bling, after all!


Brighten Up!


There’s no better way to shake off the winter blues and welcome the fresh, new brightness of spring than to break out your best and brightest colored gemstones.  Think of your favorite spring flowers in sparkling pastel pinks, lavenders and yellows, or the return of the clear blue sky filled with lots of sunshine – which, of course, really sets off the brilliance of those gemstones!  Use your favorite elements of the season to inspire your own, unique spring jewelry style, filled with color and sparkle.

Spring Bling!

Spring Bling!

Lighten Up!


The light and airy feel of the season inspires us to “lighten up” our jewelry fashion, too, with flowing layered necklaces replacing winter’s heavier chains and pendants, and stackable rings and bracelets worn in a daintier and more whimsical fashion.  Arm cuffs and ankle bracelets return to the fashion scene, as the warmer weather allows us to bare our arms and legs once again, creating an even greater opportunity to express individual style through your favorite spring jewelry trends.  And lightening up doesn’t necessarily mean wearing less layers and stacks – just slightly more delicate pieces.


Loosen Up!


Spring is the perfect time to loosen up on those style trends that kept us feeling restricted all winter, and that applies to your jewelry just as much as your wardrobe.  As necklines get lower, necklaces can dare to be longer and more free-flowing.  As pants and skirts get shorter, ankle jewelry can be allowed to dangle a bit.  And who doesn’t love the musical sound of bangle bracelets?  All that fun and flowy jewelry that was either hidden or continually tangled in our winter ensembles can now be free to sway and swish in all its spring time fabulousness!


Show Off!


The best part about this year’s jewelry trends is the emphasis on personal style.  There are no hard and fast rules to dictate what you can and cannot wear, either alone or together.  Choose your favorite spring jewelry elements and put them together however you like – show off your style, your way!

She was your very first love.  She’s been there for every important moment of your life; the good, the bad, the just because… She’s given you love and support every step of the way.  Most importantly, she gave you life.  Now it’s time to show her just how much she means to you with a beautiful and memorable Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom.


A Valentine’s Day gift of jewelry is a gift your mom can enjoy the whole year through; a gift that will remind her each and every time she wears it that she is loved and admired by those most important people in her life – her children.  Here are a few fashionable (and cherish-able) jewelry gifts that are sure to melt her heart this Valentine’s Day:

Rhythm of Love Pendant

Rhythm of Love Pendant

Mother’s Jewelry


Mother’s Jewelry is a super sweet and sentimental way to show Mom you love her – in a very affordable and fashionable way.  Mother’s jewelry is typically customized with the birthstones of all her children (or grandchildren), and can be crafted into rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants… practically any type of jewelry you can imagine.  To make an even more personalized gift for Mom, consider having the piece engraved with a special message or even customizing your own design with the help of your jeweler, for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


Charm Bracelets


Charm bracelets are an ever-growing trend in jewelry fashion, and a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Mom – for several reasons.  Because of the popularity of charm bracelets, there’s never any shortage of fun, sentimental, beautiful charms to add to her collection.  That means that a charm bracelet for Mom this Valentine’s Day makes shopping for future gift-giving occasions easier – just get her a new charm!  And she gets to enjoy an ever-growing collection marking all the special moments and milestones of her life and the lives of those she loves.


Classic Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day


While diamond jewelry may be a fairly common gift to give on Valentine’s Day, there’s not a woman in the world that won’t be thrilled to add more of this classic sparkle to her jewelry collection.  Diamond stud earrings are very affordable and very versatile – she can wear them every day if she likes.  If you want to treat your mom to a special occasion piece, consider sharing the expense with your siblings to expand your budget and really WOW your mom this Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of year… when love is in the air and marriage proposals abound.  If you are among the lucky few (or more accurately, thousands) to find yourself in that position so coveted by the lonely heart’s club at this time of year – the position of preparing a Valentine’s Day proposal to your beloved – then there are a few important things you should know before purchasing the engagement ring.  It’s got to be THE one, after all – just like she is.

Artcarved Diamond Engagement Rings

Artcarved Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings 101: Intro to Diamond Quality Standards


With a little basic knowledge of these four industry-recognized diamond quality standards – collectively recognized as the “4 C’s” – you can quickly and confidently narrow your search for that perfect engagement ring, and rest easy knowing that you got the best value for your money.  Here they are:


Carats – This is the one we’re all familiar with.  Carat weight simply refers the size of the diamond.


Cut – The ideal shape and high quality of the cut maximizes a diamond’s inherent beauty and brilliance.  For example, more facets = more sparkle.


Color – Diamond color is evaluated on a scale ranging from clear to brown.  The higher the letter grade in this category, the more clear and beautiful the diamond.


Clarity –  A diamond’s clarity rating refers to the presence (or absence) of flaws in (or on) the stone.  Flawless diamonds of significant size are rare – and pricey – but small inclusions are typically invisible to the naked eye and have little to no effect on an engagement ring’s beauty.


Engagement Rings 102: Practical Applications


So, now you’ve acquired a little basic knowledge of diamond quality standards.  Now it’s time to learn how to apply that knowledge in your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement ring.


Carats – Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better in the world of diamond jewelry, especially if you’re on a specified budget – and who isn’t?  When shopping for a diamond solitaire, be sure to evaluate the quality of the stone in conjunction with its carat weight to ensure the best value and diamond quality for your budget.


Cut, Color and Clarity – The right combination of high quality cut, color and clarity is much more important than carat weight for several reasons.  These are the factors that determine a diamond’s beauty and brilliance, regardless of its size.  Invest in the highest quality rating your budget allows in these areas, even if it means sacrificing a bit of size.  When paired with the right ring setting, these quality factors can even make a diamond solitaire appear larger than it actually is!


Now you can make this a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget when you present her with the engagement ring of her dreams!

Loose diamonds are lovely natural creations the world has gifted to us to enjoy. We certainly enjoy them. Not only are they shiny and magical looking, but they also symbolize romance. Many women wear diamonds that were given to them by their significant others. Some of this jewelry comes in the form of an engagement ring and some comes in the form of earrings or necklaces. No matter what kind of diamond jewelry you have, it is likely one of the most special pieces in your collection.

Diamond Wedding Bands Greensboro NC

Your local jeweler will have a collection of certified loose diamonds they will be able to sell you. These loose diamonds come with a certificate that tells you everything you need to know about the stone. This is an important piece of information for your insurance company. Not too many people realize you can put insurance on a piece of jewelry, but you can! It is no different than insuring your house, car or yourself. Anything that is worth any significant value should be insured by a trusted company by paying a small monthly fee, they will make sure your piece of jewelry gets replaced in the event of a burglary or if it becomes damaged or lost.

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