She was your very first love.  She’s been there for every important moment of your life; the good, the bad, the just because… She’s given you love and support every step of the way.  Most importantly, she gave you life.  Now it’s time to show her just how much she means to you with a beautiful and memorable Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom.


A Valentine’s Day gift of jewelry is a gift your mom can enjoy the whole year through; a gift that will remind her each and every time she wears it that she is loved and admired by those most important people in her life – her children.  Here are a few fashionable (and cherish-able) jewelry gifts that are sure to melt her heart this Valentine’s Day:

Rhythm of Love Pendant

Rhythm of Love Pendant

Mother’s Jewelry


Mother’s Jewelry is a super sweet and sentimental way to show Mom you love her – in a very affordable and fashionable way.  Mother’s jewelry is typically customized with the birthstones of all her children (or grandchildren), and can be crafted into rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants… practically any type of jewelry you can imagine.  To make an even more personalized gift for Mom, consider having the piece engraved with a special message or even customizing your own design with the help of your jeweler, for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind.


Charm Bracelets


Charm bracelets are an ever-growing trend in jewelry fashion, and a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Mom – for several reasons.  Because of the popularity of charm bracelets, there’s never any shortage of fun, sentimental, beautiful charms to add to her collection.  That means that a charm bracelet for Mom this Valentine’s Day makes shopping for future gift-giving occasions easier – just get her a new charm!  And she gets to enjoy an ever-growing collection marking all the special moments and milestones of her life and the lives of those she loves.


Classic Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day


While diamond jewelry may be a fairly common gift to give on Valentine’s Day, there’s not a woman in the world that won’t be thrilled to add more of this classic sparkle to her jewelry collection.  Diamond stud earrings are very affordable and very versatile – she can wear them every day if she likes.  If you want to treat your mom to a special occasion piece, consider sharing the expense with your siblings to expand your budget and really WOW your mom this Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of year… when love is in the air and marriage proposals abound.  If you are among the lucky few (or more accurately, thousands) to find yourself in that position so coveted by the lonely heart’s club at this time of year – the position of preparing a Valentine’s Day proposal to your beloved – then there are a few important things you should know before purchasing the engagement ring.  It’s got to be THE one, after all – just like she is.

Artcarved Diamond Engagement Rings

Artcarved Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings 101: Intro to Diamond Quality Standards


With a little basic knowledge of these four industry-recognized diamond quality standards – collectively recognized as the “4 C’s” – you can quickly and confidently narrow your search for that perfect engagement ring, and rest easy knowing that you got the best value for your money.  Here they are:


Carats – This is the one we’re all familiar with.  Carat weight simply refers the size of the diamond.


Cut – The ideal shape and high quality of the cut maximizes a diamond’s inherent beauty and brilliance.  For example, more facets = more sparkle.


Color – Diamond color is evaluated on a scale ranging from clear to brown.  The higher the letter grade in this category, the more clear and beautiful the diamond.


Clarity –  A diamond’s clarity rating refers to the presence (or absence) of flaws in (or on) the stone.  Flawless diamonds of significant size are rare – and pricey – but small inclusions are typically invisible to the naked eye and have little to no effect on an engagement ring’s beauty.


Engagement Rings 102: Practical Applications


So, now you’ve acquired a little basic knowledge of diamond quality standards.  Now it’s time to learn how to apply that knowledge in your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement ring.


Carats – Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better in the world of diamond jewelry, especially if you’re on a specified budget – and who isn’t?  When shopping for a diamond solitaire, be sure to evaluate the quality of the stone in conjunction with its carat weight to ensure the best value and diamond quality for your budget.


Cut, Color and Clarity – The right combination of high quality cut, color and clarity is much more important than carat weight for several reasons.  These are the factors that determine a diamond’s beauty and brilliance, regardless of its size.  Invest in the highest quality rating your budget allows in these areas, even if it means sacrificing a bit of size.  When paired with the right ring setting, these quality factors can even make a diamond solitaire appear larger than it actually is!


Now you can make this a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget when you present her with the engagement ring of her dreams!

Loose diamonds are lovely natural creations the world has gifted to us to enjoy. We certainly enjoy them. Not only are they shiny and magical looking, but they also symbolize romance. Many women wear diamonds that were given to them by their significant others. Some of this jewelry comes in the form of an engagement ring and some comes in the form of earrings or necklaces. No matter what kind of diamond jewelry you have, it is likely one of the most special pieces in your collection.

Diamond Wedding Bands Greensboro NC

Your local jeweler will have a collection of certified loose diamonds they will be able to sell you. These loose diamonds come with a certificate that tells you everything you need to know about the stone. This is an important piece of information for your insurance company. Not too many people realize you can put insurance on a piece of jewelry, but you can! It is no different than insuring your house, car or yourself. Anything that is worth any significant value should be insured by a trusted company by paying a small monthly fee, they will make sure your piece of jewelry gets replaced in the event of a burglary or if it becomes damaged or lost.

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From the runway to your wardrobe, this winter’s top trends in jewelry fashion are fun, flirty and fabulous!  Traditional elements such as diamonds and pearls take on a whole new personality when combined with edgy lines and alternative natural materials.  Here are a few helpful tips for creating the most eye-catching impact with these stunning winter jewelry trends for 2017!

Statement Bracelets ON TREND!

Statement Bracelets ON TREND!

Symmetry Is Sooooo 20th Century!


If you want to make a head-turning statement with your winter jewelry, asymmetrical lines are the way to go.  This slightly “off kilter” look is easily accomplished with dramatic – yet different – earrings, or even just a single statement earring, and very clearly states, “Here I am, and I’m a true original”.  By embracing this asymmetrical jewelry trend, you’ll be blazing a trail for others to follow with confidence and total fashion freedom.


Raw Beauty


Natural elements in their raw and unadulterated forms have arisen on the jewelry scene in a most dynamic and dramatic fashion.  Uncut semi-precious gemstones, wood, metal… all of these raw elements bring an edgy visual appeal to your winter jewelry ensemble, especially when paired with more refined and traditional jewelry elements, such as diamonds, pearls and polished gemstones.  The mixing of these two distinctly different styles – refined and raw – works to create a look that’s simultaneously bold and enigmatic… the perfect way to keep them guessing!


A Timeless Classic in Modern Times


There’s certainly nothing new about statement pendants, but this timeless classic makes a different kind of statement in modern jewelry trends, and it’s all in the way you wear it.  Where once the fashion statement was all about the pendant, itself, today’s statement is more about the presentation thereof.  Think layered necklaces and alternative jewelry elements.  You also might consider converting a favorite statement pendant into a brooch for maximum versatility, allowing you to incorporate the desired style element into an even wider array of fashion applications.


Over-sleeve Bracelets


Just because we might be wearing long sleeves doesn’t mean we can’t still make a fashion statement with bracelets.  This winter’s top jewelry trends encourage big, bold, creative statements with stacked bracelets worn over sleeves in both casual and formal environments.  The stacked bracelet trend allows you to express our own personal style with multiple bracelet styles and multiple jewelry elements combined into a single statement piece.


However you wear it, make it your own with these amazing winter jewelry trends!

With all the talk about cash for gold and how precious metals are more valuable than ever, I wondered if the same was true for diamonds. I had some leftover jewelry that I wasn’t wearing anymore and didn’t feel like fixing, but I wanted to see if I could sell diamonds as easily as it seems people sell gold. It turns out I could, but I had to do a little more research to make sure I got the most money.

You see, when a jewelry store buys gold or other precious metals, eventually that metal will be melted down and reformed into something new. Diamonds can’t get melted down, meaning that the size and shape they are now is almost certainly what they will always stay. A few out of every hundred may get cut down to smaller pieces, but for the most part, any jewelry store that is going to buy diamonds will take them for the size they are. That is where the value fluctuation comes into play

Certified loose diamonds get their values based on a certain number of criteria, but that also only goes as far as size. Meaning if I wanted to sell diamonds that were equal size and shape but had different scores for color, cut and clarity, they would be worth two different amounts. Since larger diamonds are rarer, the price climbs exponentially, and there is no hard and fast rule for what they are worth.

The bottom line is what one jeweler offers may not be the same as another. I had heard that the place to get maximum payoff for your diamonds was at Van Scoy Diamonds, but I wanted to be sure so I visited a few other places that offer to buy diamonds. Sure enough, the rumors I heard were right. They were by far the most generous when it came to what they offered, and they even had a program where if you took a store credit instead of the cash (which they offered on the spot), you could earn even more. And I knew I could trust them because you don’t stay in business for over one hundred years by taking advantage of your customers. If I have to sell diamonds in the future, I know exactly where to get maximum payout for my diamonds.

You have probably heard of the many cash for gold stores located in your area. Some of these stores are pawn shops, while others are actual jewelry stores. What better way to make a few extra dollars with your broken or unwanted gold jewelry than with your trusted jeweler right around the corner from your house?


Van Scoy Diamonds provides a top-of-the-line gold buying service for each and every customer who walks through their doors. It is refreshing and comforting to see a familiar face you can trust when venturing off to sell the jewelry that once meant so much to you or a family member. Their cash for gold branch of their company takes pride in making the process as easy as they possibly can for you. It really is simple. You simply gather your broken or unwanted gold jewelry and bring it into their store. They will determine what quality gold it is and weigh it. Whatever the weight turns out to be in grams turns into a dollar amount in your pocket! It could only be a matter of minutes and you could be wealthier than when you first entered the store. Bring in your unwanted jewelry and get cash for gold today!

Wedding and anniversary gifts are always welcomed! Whether you are just beginning your beautiful journey of love or you have survived over the years and are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, it certainly calls for a celebration! Many couples celebrate these occasions with lovely pieces of jewelry.

Diamond Wedding Bands Greensboro NC

There are many jewelry stores in your area that are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect wedding and anniversary gifts for your significant others friends or family members. Some women may enjoy receiving a diamond necklace from their husbands, while other women may prefer a charm bracelet. No matter what your tastes include, make sure you browse your options first.


Wedding Bands Greensboro NC

There are many men who would love to wear diamond wedding bands on their fingers. Although this may have not been possible when you first got married, it may be possible down the road. You may wish to renew your vows and purchase new jewelry to celebrate your healthy, lasting marriage. Whatever you choose to do will certainly be loved and appreciated by the recipient. Jewelry is certainly a very sentimental and precious gift everyone should cherish forever. It should be passed down so your posterity can enjoy it too.

Sculptural or hand-crafted rings feature non-conventional designs more post-modern than strictly concurrent.

Expect to find designs that stand out – sculptural rings make for bold, brilliant statements. Featuring designs that dare to reach out of the box and experiment with both chaos and monotony to give birth to exceptional one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to leave a mark.



Sculptural Rings

Their unique, non-materialistic designs make them a more intimate choice of engagement rings. Sculptural rings usually feature multiple stones, although they might as well feature none. The presence of a variety of stones in similar or completely varying designs allows for more customization and personalization than traditionally offered.

There is no rule-book to follow when choosing from different sculptural designs – just what speaks to you and your personality.

Browse through the collection of detailed thin or wide bands with or without a center stone in our sculptural engagement rings section. Make sure the choice you make reflects the bond you share with your significant other.

Buy sculptural rings from Van Scoy Diamonds and get a chance to win special discount coupons that allow you to save more, the more you spend. Offer valid for a limited time.

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So… how are those new year’s resolutions coming along?  With any luck – and some serious determination – you’re still on track toward accomplishing the goals you’ve set out to achieve for yourself in 2017.  Part of staying on track with our new year’s resolutions is to remember to reward ourselves for meeting all the little goals along the way that will, eventually, lead to the bigger goals we’ve established for our own self-improvement.  And do you know what makes a great reward for the new you in the new year?  Why, new jewelry, of course!


Why Jewelry?


There are many ways we can choose to reward ourselves for resolutions well stuck-to, but new jewelry is one of the best.  First of all, diamonds have no calories or fat…

Diamond Gifts For YOU!

Diamond Gifts For YOU!

But seriously… how great is that new pair of diamonds stud earrings going to look on the new you?  Aside from just being a reward that will make you look and feel great, you’ll be brilliantly reminded of your accomplishments each and every time you wear them.


If your new year’s resolutions involve a change that saves you money each month, consider putting that money saved toward a bigger ticket jewelry item that you’ve perhaps had on your wish list for quite some time.  That long longed-for diamond tennis bracelet or statement pendent awaits…


Another wonderful and super-fun jewelry reward is the ever-trending charm bracelet.  What’s really great about this idea is that you can forever mark your accomplishments in a very personal and memorable fashion, choosing charms that are reflective of the accomplishment, itself, or the season, or a symbol of what this accomplishment meant to you, personally, when you achieved it.  A charm bracelet is a great way to collect memories, all while creating, piece by piece, a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that is reflective of your individual style, your personality, and your achievements.



Maybe you’ve set personal improvement goals.  Maybe you’re striving to advance your career in the new year.  Whatever you’ve resolved to improve about your life and circumstances in 2017, it has been statistically substantiated that by setting a series of smaller goals for yourself along the way – and celebrating those little milestones – leads to a greater success rate for seeing the process through to the finish line.  So not only is new jewelry a reward for goals met, it’s also a motivator to keep you moving toward success in your 2017 resolutions!

Diamond accents are an essential jewelry element that adds sparkle, depth, dimension and style to diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings… everything!  Diamond accents can make a diamond solitaire appear larger than it actually is, when paired with the right ring setting, giving you more bling for your buck, so to speak.  And diamond accents give you the opportunity to really customize any type of fine jewelry with your own personal style… and just a little guidance from your friendly neighborhood jeweler.


Diamond Engagement Rings


Probably one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, diamond engagement rings are a primary jewelry category to incorporate diamond accents, for many good reasons.  The addition of wisely chosen diamond accents can maximize the inherent brilliance and beauty of any solitaire stone and, as previously mentioned, diamond accents can make a solitaire stone appear even larger than it is, which means you can stretch your engagement ring budget even further.  Ring wraps and ring guards are a simple and affordable way to utilize diamond accents in the creation of a truly one-of-a-kind ring that will take her breath away.

Diamond Engagement Ring by True Romance

Diamond Engagement Ring by True Romance

Diamond Accent Jewelry


The value and versatility of diamond accents certainly doesn’t stop with engagement rings.  And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to incorporate diamonds into your everyday jewelry wardrobe.  A simple pair of diamond stud earrings becomes glamorous when worn with diamond accent earring jackets, adding a ton of sparkle and visual intrigue.  Similarly, diamond accents added into the design of even the most basic bracelets and necklaces gives you the opportunity to spread the sparkle everywhere!  Smaller diamonds are much more affordable than their large, flawless solitaire counterparts, so you can effectively be wearing a full carat – or more – of diamond accents for much, much less than the cost of a full carat + solitaire stone.


Gemstone Accents


If you’d like to add a little color to your jewelry collection, then sparkling, colored, semi-precious gemstone accents are the way to go.  Gemstone accents are an ever-growing trend in jewelry fashion and a great way to incorporate your own personal style into your jewelry collection.


Adding diamond and gemstone accents is the perfect way to expand your jewelry collection, continually, with precious gems and plenty of trendy style, so you’ll always have the perfect jewelry ensemble, no matter what season or occasion.

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