When a couple decides to get married, their enviable attention goes towards buying a diamond engagement ring. It is an essential piece of bridal jewelry people will buy, but there is so much more to it than just an engagement ring. Wedding bands are important too, as they symbolize the commitment you have towards one another.

Searching for a bridal jewelry set – an engagement ring with a matching wedding band can make the process a lot simpler. Bridal jewelry sets for the bride include an engagement ring and wedding band that complement each other perfectly. These days, young couples want to show their undying love for one another by wearing similar wedding bands. It has become a lot more common for jewelry stores to design bridal sets for the bride and groom. timthumb.php

Bridal jewelry designers offer a pleasing continuity of similar rings. It makes the process of shopping for wedding bands that complement a diamond engagement ring easier.  There are several styles of bridal jewelry to select from, wedding sets, engagement rings and men’s wedding bands. Buying the best bridal jewelry can make one of the tasks of planning a wedding a lot simpler. The rings are perfect and now you can pay attention to the pending nuptials.

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Giving an engagement ring or a band to your future partner will be the best decision of your life. People wish to adorn their happiness with a beautiful engagement ring or wedding band.  Apart from the rings or bands, there are many other choices available to complete his/her dream. There are certain things to keep in mind when buying jewelry. It is significant to buy from a faithful store like Van Scoy Diamonds.

Diamond Wedding Bands Greensboro NC
You can get jewelry made with brilliant diamonds from Van Scoy Diamonds online or in store. Jewelry stores have a series of jewelry collections which give you a variety to select from. Even if you are looking for only loose diamonds to be fitted in the ring of your choice, the store will have it. So, when looking for a loose diamond, you should know how to choose quality diamonds.

Loose Diamonds
Most people choose marquise cut diamonds, a long cut with two points to make their engagement and wedding rings bright. If you want to buy brilliant gemstones then buy them from Van Scoy Diamonds.
You can buy a finely crafted diamond ring easily. With an online store, you can shop for jewelry with complete guaranteed quality and satisfaction. Along with marquise cut diamonds. Van Scoy Diamonds is a jewelry store that will help you choose the perfect diamonds for your engagement ring or wedding bands.

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Once she says yes after you asked her to marry you, prepare yourself to express your love with a ring of her dreams. A bridal wedding ring set is perfect for this moment. You are engaged. You promised a life time of commitment and the excitement is seen on your face. The ring on the finger is sparkling and the glow can be seen in the eyes.

The thrill of setting the wedding date begins, a day you have been dreaming of all your life. The planning begins once the date has been fixed.


The Perfect Gift-Ever

What could be the perfect wedding gift for her? You would want to give her something she will treasure all her life- right? Women have always loved fine jewelry. You could give her a wedding band that will complement the engagement ring she likes. You can look at a few for bridal jewelry selections. The set has an engagement ring and a wedding band to create a look of closeness.

So, plan ahead and select from a collection of elegant designer style ring sets accessible online or from your local jewelry shop.

Purpose of Selecting a Bridal Set

The bridal sets are a match to perfection. The rings, add value to each other. A bride looks for jewelry that will match her dress. Brides often like going for a classic coordinated look. The look at be achieved with the wedding band matching her engagement ring. The ring sets are worn in way that they look like one ring.

Perfection with Bridal Sets

A bride flaunts her engagement and wedding ring as they are the most precious pieces of jewelry. Simplify shopping for rings by blending the uniqueness of an engagement ring and a wedding band.

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Diamonds – a word used to define a shiny gemstone that is the star in a ring. Diamonds, even though they impress the naked eye at a first glance, they need to be looked at closely. So, what is it that you are meant to see in a diamond before you buy it? There is a lot about a diamond that we are unaware of, so it is best to study diamonds under the jeweler’s magnifying glass.



Clarity and color are the main elements in deciding the diamond’s quality. It is the clearness within and around the diamond. You can decide the two in their closeness under a magnifying glass. A diamond is studied under a 310 magnifier to be able to see the additions in the piece.


When it comes to studying the quality of a diamond, the color has a role to play. On a scale of A-Z, diamonds are graded from D-Z. D is colorless on the scale and Z is light yellow colored diamonds. The best available grades are colorless diamonds. Any impure mineral in a diamond could lead to a certain shade.


It is often believed that the more the weight of a diamond, the more valuable the diamond will be. If the clarity of the diamond is compromised then it becomes an exception to the rule.


People often mix up a diamond’s shape with its cut. The shape is the outward look of the diamond. The cut is an important part of the 4Cs. The cut of a diamond is noticed through its reflective qualities.


Diamond Education is always important to know when it comes to buying a diamond. With this information, people should not have any problem in selecting diamonds. If in case, people are still confused, they can head on over to Van Scoy Diamonds.

Your fine jewelry is precious.  Whether it’s a special gift from someone you love, a family heirloom piece, your everyday bling, or just a bauble that makes you feel really, really good when you wear it, fine jewelry requires special care on a regular basis to maintain its inherent beauty and luster.  While proper cleaning and care is important all year long, summer time presents its own special set of challenges when it comes to this aspect of maintaining the beauty of your favorite jewelry.


But it’s nothing to be afraid of – here are a few simple tips to help you keep your summer jewelry sparkling all season long.


Damage Prevention


The first step to protecting your fine jewelry during the summer months is to prevent the opportunity for damage to occur in the first place.  Things we never really think of during typical summer activities – applying sun screen, swimming in chlorinated water or salt water, sand… all of these elements have the potential to dull, scratch or otherwise damage your jewelry.  So, if you’re planning a day at the beach, the pool, or even a little dip in the hot tub, do your jewelry a favor and leave it safely stored somewhere else.


Jewelry Protection


…and speaking of leaving your precious jewelry somewhere safe while you indulge in your favorite summer activities, it’s important to note that there are right ways – and very wrong ways – of storing and keeping fine jewelry.  To prevent scratches, tangles, and other unfortunate (and always unintended) damages to your jewelry, always store it in a vessel lined with soft cloth, preferably in a cool and dry place (at least for the majority of the time), and, whenever possible, use a jewelry case with dividers to keep pieces separated so they do not inadvertently damage each other.


Summer Jewelry Cleaning


With or without exposure to the elements, your jewelry needs extra cleaning in the summer.  A simple cleaning with a soft cloth – dampened as needed – will restore its brilliance against daily wear.  Jewelry that is extra-exposed to the elements may need a deeper level of cleaning and maintenance.  Either way, it’s always a good idea to preserve your investments with a professional cleaning at the end of the summer season.  To ensure that your precious metals and stones will continue to shine and sparkle as they did day you acquired them.

When it comes to understanding human development or human psyche, jewelry is the way to do it.  It is said that one’s personality is revealed with the jewelry worn. The shine of a diamond attracts people towards it. Silver and Gold, precious metals, have become the most desirable. It overcomes its shine, radiance and brightness. Like the little shiny stars in the sky, the worth of a diamond is proven. After their discovery, diamond jewelry has become the most valuable.

During the 16th century, due to the scarcity and higher value of diamonds, they were restricted only to the royals.  The royal lady, for the first time, in the same century, was seen wearing a diamond engagement ring. In the 19th century, it had become widely acceptable to man. Women find it difficult to resist diamond jewelry and precious gemstones.

Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are accessible in a combination of gold, silver or platinum. Whatever the stone or setting of a diamond, they will always look amazing. Woman have always chosen diamond jewelry has their first choice.  After all, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. One of the best features of a diamond jewelry is that the shine and sparkle never fades away with time. Diamond Ring

Back in the day, a jewel ring was given when proposing to a loved one and a sparkling band was given at the time of the wedding. Times, of course have changed. Several women have decided to wear engagement ring with their wedding bands. This simply goes to show that the value of a diamond increases every day.
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While it’s true that, for most of us, looking at super models strutting down the runway with their glamorous and exotic fashion ignites a feeling akin to that of trying on swim suits at the beginning of the summer season, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a little something from the world of high fashion and make it our own.  Our true beauty lies in our individuality, after all.  And this summer’s jewelry trends encourage us to explore that individuality – and to show it off in bold and daring style!


Pendants that Pop

Mimosa statement Pendant

Mimosa statement Pendant

This summer, make a powerful statement with unique, showcase-worthy pendants.  The bigger and brighter – and more original – the better.  And this year, wear them long.  Not only is a long, swinging pendant an eye-catching piece of jewelry worthy of conversation; it’s also a perfect opportunity for you to incorporate your individual style into any outfit in a “front and center” sort of way.


Crazy Cool Cuffs


Cuffs are back in a big way.  Ear cuffs, arm cuffs, wrist cuffs… wear them big and bold or stack and layer multiple elements to achieve a daring and fashioinable cuff effect.  Summer is the ideal time to indulge in bare arm adornments, so get creative and show off your style in a bold and brilliant statement that’s sure to get noticed.


Back to Nature


The natural element trend in jewelry has been gaining traction for several seasons now, and this year raw stones and other natural elements have secured their place among the favorite fashion jewelry trends of 2017.  Semi-precious gemstones in their natural, unpolished state, sparkling, healing crystals, agate slices… these beautiful, natural elements create a very earthy fashion statement when combined with some of Mother Nature’s other gifts, such as leather and wood.  This trend can also be dressed up with accents of gold, silver, and other precious metals for a more refined and dramatic look.


Make it your Own


Perhaps the most exciting thing about this summer’s best trends in jewelry is the emphasis on being ourselves and expressing our inner beauty in whatever way makes us feel the best.  There is no hard-written rule to limit what we should and should not wear, but rather an encouragement to be bold and fearless in our fashion, and to rock the look that bests suits each of us, individually, for a true sense of self-expression through jewelry.

Most people who would agree that having a watch taken in for repair is not a delightful process.  Because of this, several times, watches are often thrown to the back of the draw and not used again! It doesn’t have to be this way. Your watch of course has sentimental value and so, you should make sure to take in for proper watch repair.

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Along these lines, it is essential to keep your favorite watch in good working condition. This way, if watch repair is required, the professional will return a fully working and well-maintained piece. Whenever something goes wrong with your watch, it is important for you to take it to a repair shop, regardless of battery replacement or something more important.

It is important to ask the right question from the outset like: “have you repaired a watch of this brand before”?  In addition to taking the watch for repair, another good maintenance procedure is to keep it out of the heat wherever possible. Remember to monitor the ticker to make sure it is working properly.

Watch repair is an important aspect to consider when you want the watch to last for a long time.  When you want your repair to be done properly, refer to this handy guide. You will get your watch back on your wrist as soon as possible. You need to trust the person whose repairing your watch.

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Ah, cufflinks! As a man, a cufflink is that item of jewelry that speaks the most to you at glamorous events. There is no men’s ensemble that feels complete without them. Sophisticated, suave and the favorite symbol of men’s grooming, the unmistakable elegance of cufflinks is a sign of good taste.

It is very important that you understand how to pair a cufflink with the pattern and colors of your dress shirt. For women, it is important to learn and maintain the delicate balance between a cufflink and the color of the blouse/shirt.

Cufflinks range in style and design with specialized pieces made for different occasions and purposes. Eve M. Kahn from The New York Times apportions the history of this brilliant item of jewelry. Have a look

Cuff links have a simple purpose, but their innumerable forms reflect their owners’ personalities and manufacturers’ ingenuity. After decades of neglect from academics, they are coming to the fore in museum shows and private collections.

Richard G. Porter, a marketing consultant in Brooklyn, has filled an upstairs room in his townhouse with about 3,500 pairs of cuff links, most from the mid-20th century. “They’re like little canvases,” he said.

He organizes them by material, color, designer, nationality and subject matter. During a recent tour, he opened one of his dozens of drawers and revealed a blaze of red, teal and blue rectangles. He asked me, “You’re ready for some German enamel cuff links?”

Other materials in his collection include pewter, copper, turquoise, agate and lapis lazuli. Sports are represented in the form of tiny windsurfers and badminton shuttlecocks, and he has acquired some oddities, like helicopters, pencil stubs, abacuses and matchbooks. “I do have a little gambling theme section,” he said, bringing out cuff links shaped like stacks of playing cards with tiny dice inside.

Mr. Porter has spent up to a few thousand dollars apiece for cuff link pairs; his priciest acquisitions, made of gold and amethyst, were designed by Art Smith, a Greenwich Village artisan. Among Mr. Porter’s other favorite makers are the artist Victoria Flemming, who drizzled gold streaks on glass, and William Spratling and Antonio Pineda, whose silver workshops in Mexico catered to Hollywood celebrities. He owns about 200 products from Fenwick & Sailors, a company based in Hollywood known for novelty cuff links in the form of telephones, microphones, oil derricks and horses’ behinds.

At business meetings, he said, “They’re a great little icebreaker.” They help form connections between strangers. “They hold things together. There’s absolutely a metaphor in there,” he said.

He sometimes buys tie clips and tie tacks that match his cuff links, and he owns a few singleton cuff links. “My fantasy is somehow finding the match,” he said.

Barry Harwood, the decorative arts curator at the Brooklyn Museum, pored over the Porter drawers a few weeks ago. “I completely admire that sort of tenacity” in collecting, he said. Mr. Porter has given the museum a pair of copper cuff links that resemble African tribal masks; they were designed by Winifred Mason Chenet, a Brooklyn-born modernist coppersmith who mentored Art Smith. She spent years in Haiti, and returned to the United States in the 1960s after soldiers killed her husband, Jean Chenet. (Nancy Till, a design historian in New York, is planning to publish recently unearthed details of Ms. Chenet’s largely forgotten career.)

The Brooklyn Museum will soon display Mr. Porter’s Chenet cuff links. As rare examples of modernist jewelry for men, and rare examples of jewelry for men designed by a woman, Mr. Harwood said, “the cuff links expand the gender realm; they totally open up and broaden the presentation.”

In a new book, “Precious Cufflinks: From Pablo Picasso to James Bond,” the jewelry historian Walter Grasser and the goldsmith Franz Hemmerle point out that “only very few cuff links have found their way into public collections and museums.” The book, also written by the art historian Alexander von Württemberg, describes their origins: 17th-century European aristocrats slipped gemstones attached by chains through their cuff buttonholes. From the 1870s to the 1910s, Czar Nicholas II made sketches of cuff links that he received as gifts. He owned well over 100 pairs, “all of which are sadly lost today,” Mr. von Württemberg writes.

The Missing Link, a specialty store on West 25th Street in Manhattan, has preserved original boxes with 20,000 cuff links for sale. They are arrayed in categories with labels like “Art Deco Enamels” and “Victorian Bean Backs.” The materials include Egyptian scarabs, Wedgwood porcelain wafers and blood-red feldspar cylinders flecked with gold. The store owner, Michael Rodriguez, and his assistant, Tom Dziadual, can explain which cuff link shapes were favored by celebrities like Gary Cooper and Bing Crosby, and how designers over the centuries have tinkered with cuff link formats by adding snaps, toggles, pivoting bars and straps.

During a tour, Mr. Dziadual pointed out a shelf full of crystal cuff links the size of golf balls. “We have a televangelist who wears those,” he said. Another client keeps breaking one cuff link and seeking replacements. He is known, Mr. Dziadual said, as “the lefty destroyer.”

Mr. Rodriguez has 20,000 additional cuff links tucked away in his private collection. He said he planned to write a book about them and create museum displays.

A few institutions keep cuff links on view. They appear on clothing in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s survey of men’s wear, “Reigning Men,” on display through Aug. 21. The Yale University Art Gallery has brought out gold oval cuff links made around 1840, and the Newark Museum is showing examples made of sapphires and mastodon ivory.

One particularly important pair of cuff links, worn by George Washington during one of his inauguration ceremonies, is in the University of Hartford’s holdings of political memorabilia. The collection, amassed by J. Doyle DeWitt, an insurance executive, was long displayed in the university’s Museum of American Political Life, which closed in 2004. The university has been trying to sell the collection, which is costly to maintain in storage; its potential dispersal has caused legal controversy. John Carson, a university spokesman, said its fate has not been decided. Washington’s cuff links remain in limbo.

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For every child, a mother will always hold a special place in his or her heart. She is responsible for making you the person you are today. She will always be on your side in moments of distress and happiness. You should give her an adorable jewelry gift for Mother’s Day to show her how important she is to you.  When it comes to choosing the best jewelry, you may get confused, so to make things easier, look at the range of jewelry pieces given below. From the selection, decide which one will be best for your mother.

Vanscoy-Mother's Day 11-May-17

Mother’s Day like any other special day comes only once a year. It is a day when a mother can simply sit back and enjoy her special moment.  So, go ahead and make it a day she will remember forever.


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