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Garnets – The Facts and Folklore Behind January’s Birthstone

Imagine wearing a gemstone that could cure your body’s ailments while at the same time bringing you prosperity and alleviating depression. It would be great, wouldn’t it? Well, according to folklore, Garnets can do just that! Officially recognized as January’s birthstone, as well as the gem associated with the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary, Garnets, according to folklore, have benefits beyond the admirers you gain when you wear them.

Mined in locations all around the world, including, but not limited to, Australia, Brazil and the United States, Garnet comes from the Latin word, “granatus”, meaning grain. Named because of their similar shape, size and color to the seeds of a pomegranate, you do not want to mistakenly find one one these beautiful gems between your teeth, as they range between 7.0 and 7.5 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. In comparison, Diamonds, the hardest gemstone, score a 10.0 on the Mohs Scale. Ouch!

Most commonly seen in variations of red, Garnets can also be seen in purple (Rhodolite), orange (Hessonite), green (Tsavorite), yellow, brown and black variations. Worn close to the heart, Garnets were believed by medicine men, shaman and healers to be able to regulate the heart and blood flow. In addition, Garnets were believed to be able to clear up skin irritations, and alleviate ailments caused by arthritis, varicose veins and thyroid conditions.

Garnets are attributed with having a number of healing and protective qualities. Historically, medicine men and healers have associated garnets with helping ease or remove the symptoms of arthritis, varicose veins and thyroid conditions. In addition, worn on a chain around the neck, they were believed to be able to regulate the heart and blood flow.

Just imagine if this beautiful Garnet and Diamond Pendant were able to save you money every year on your doctor and pharmacy bills!

Along with their healing qualities, Garnets were also thought to provide strength and protection. Before the days of exchanging email addresses and cell phone numbers, friends would exchange garnets before departing on a long journey to wish a safe journey and successful reunion in the future. And as long as we are discussing success, it was believed that a business owner could place several Garnets on his desk prosperity.

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