Two Stone Rings

Exciting ideas to create customized wedding bands

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You can wear your creative hat on, especially while customizing your own set of wedding bands. These bands, need to compliment the diamond stone, you have chosen, for your engagement or wedding. Writing your own set of rules can be fun and exciting. Taking you through amazing ideas for customizing wedding bands: The Holocaust Wedding […]

anniversary rings

The Romance of Diamonds

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Throughout recent history, diamonds have become the definitive symbol of love and romance. Of course, diamond engagement rings top the list of romantically symbolic jewelry but the romance of diamonds is certainly not limited to diamond engagement rings alone. While diamond engagement rings symbolize the ultimate love, there are many more styles of jewelry that […]


Jewelry Repair Services and Insurance: Protect Your Investments

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When you buy a car, you buy insurance to protect your investment. When you buy a home, you buy insurance to protect your investment. When you buy fine jewelry, do you buy insurance to protect your investment? You should. While many fine jewelry buyers neglect to insure their purchases, many more realize the value of […]


Diamond Grading: The 4 C’s

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When it comes to fine diamonds, there are many aspects of appraisal that many people do not realize. The grading of a diamond depends on many different factors. It is not all about carat weight – although, you will find that the largest diamonds in the world are indeed the most valuable ones. The four […]